10+ stories about the environment for early childhood education

Teaching the little ones to respect and care for the planet is essential for a better, more sustainable and less polluted future. According to the BNCC, this practice is also one of the general competences of primary education that should accompany learning in the classroom. How about knowing stories about early childhood education environment to present this important topic for children in a playful and fun way?

In addition to the BNCC, weather news and dates like the National Day of the Atlantic Forestcelebrated on May 27, and the World Environment Daycelebrated on June 5, reminds us of the urgency of promoting environmental awareness among children.

Every year the world registers alarming figures of pollution, deforestation, global warming, among other things. To reverse this scenario, in addition to immediate initiatives, it is necessary to prepare the little ones in the present so that they can lead major changes in the future, take care of nature and turn the world into a better place for all. .

13 environmental books for early childhood education, segregated by age group

0 to 2 years

In this age group, the little ones discover and get to know the world for the first time. Still, environmental education can now be incorporated through playful stories about animals and nature.

Learn to fly

To fulfill the dream of learning to fly, the child gets to know the animals that fly, in addition to learning the colors and sounds that each of them makes. Is it with these animals that she will discover how to fly only when she grows up?

The personalized book illustration “Learn to fly” it is rich in playful elements and resources such as onomatopoeia, which will help teachers in the process of environmental education for children.

Discovering the puppies

Discover Puppies Personalized Book

in the custom book “Discovering puppies”the kid will have a lot of fun playing fantasy to turn into a baby lion, cat, bird and many other animals!

In addition to stimulating the imagination of the little ones, the story will also show children the characteristics and habits of different animal species in a very fun way, sparking new discoveries about the animal kingdom and the environment.

The little red tractor

One of the stories about the environment for early childhood education is the personalized book “The Little Red Tractor”. In this fun adventure, suitable for children from 0 to 2 years old, the child gets on his little red tractor to go for a walk and meet the farm animals with his farmer friend.

The fun tour also shows the little ones what each of the animals on the farm eats, and learns the importance of caring for, protecting and providing food for different species of animals.

Marine Life Park

personalized book In the Marine Life Park

in the custom book “Sea Life Park”the kid will have fun aboard his yellow submarine to take care and protect all the animals that live in the amazing underwater park!

In a playful way, the story shows the little ones how important it is for everyone to work together to protect the park from marine life, keep it safe, fun and pollution-free.

two players playing soccer, reminiscent of the soccer World Cup

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3 to 5 years

In this age group, children already have a greater development of speech and communication, in addition to being in the developmental stage of the imagination. In this way, stories about the environment of early childhood education can present challenges and curiosities that spark the imagination of the little ones.

Travel through the forest

In this personalized book, the child ventures into a Travel through the forest Tropical, encounter amazing animals such as the blue macaw, the jaguar and many others while looking for the famous pink dolphin.

In this way, teachers can deepen the learning of the little ones by bringing curiosity about the Atlantic Forest, such as its size and its importance to the environment.

Travel in Savannah

story about the environment for early childhood education in the personalized book Jornada pela Savana

in the custom book “Journey in the Savannah”the child will discover that a magical lake in the savanna transforms all the animals and will help to solve this big mess.

In addition to learning the unique features of each of the animals that live in the savanna, the child will also use their imagination to solve a great challenge, freeing up space for this book to become a story about the environment for early childhood education that will encourage little ones to come up with new solutions for caring for nature.

Luna Show: Playing with the animals

Why is the rooster crowing? in the custom book “Playing with the animals”the child and Luna search for answers to these and other questions about the inhabitants of the farm.

Thus, history reinforces learning about nature and the environment and scientific curiosities are presented in a fun way for the little ones.

visit of the fairies

Custom book Visit of the Fairies

Upon finding a curious doorknob on the trunk of a tree in the park, the child will discover the power of Earth, Water, Fire and Air Fairies!

With a playful story that stimulates the imagination, the personalized book “Visit of the fairies” presents the impact and importance of these five elements on the environment, and shows children how to participate in the mission to protect nature.

6 to 8 years

Between the ages of six and eight, children have deft and coherent reasoning and perception, ready to dive into more complex learning. Moreover, this age group is also able to understand their thoughts, feelings and opinions.

The best friends on the planet

Personalized book Beto e Biscoito: The best friends in the world

in the custom book “Best friends on the planet”the child will have a fun picnic with Bob and Cookie and learn important lessons about caring for the planet and their friendships.

In a practical and fun way, the little ones will discover how their attitude affects the environment and what they can do to conserve nature and transform the world into a better place for everyone.

A journey to the inner nature

Playing outside and interacting with different creatures of nature, the child will learn yoga moves and learn to meditate in the personalized book “A journey to the inner nature”.

As they learn to take deep breaths and manage their emotions, the child will also discover the importance of connecting with nature. This learning opens the way for teachers to work more deeply on the relationship between people and the environment.

children practicing yoga

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12 years or older

From the age of 12, children are able to assimilate social concepts and abstract ideas, in addition to developing empathy and a sense of citizenship. In this way, stories about the environment for early childhood education will encourage children to strengthen and practice civic actions and to discover how to reconcile environmental care with other areas of life.

Climate challenge

Discovery Kids personalized book: Climate Challenge

In this adventure set in a game, the child will make scientific discoveries and discover the solution to protect life on Earth.

This is how the personalized book becomes “Climate challenge” encourages children to use all available resources in their routine to conserve the environment and care for nature.

Rebel girls in science

Together with physicist Marie Curie, the child is introduced to rebellious girls who changed science and you will discover how it can inspire you to overcome your own challenges with great courage!

the personalized book “Rebel Girls in Science” presents several examples for children, showing how they are also able to promote changes that have a positive impact on the environment using tools and discoveries from the scientific field.

Learn how to bring environmental stories to preschool in your school

Teacher reads Inside Educa book with her student

If you are a teacher and encourage initiatives that promote little ones’ contact with the environment and nature are part of your lesson planning, environmental books for early childhood education can make these lessons even more fun.

With the Inside Educatea project that encourages reading in the school environment, teachers can bring these and many other personalized books to the classroom that put students at the center of the learning process. For more information about this project, click here.

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