3 lessons learned from the book Aventura no Limoeiro

This story has already been personalized by thousands of families who have turned their little ones into characters from the most beloved gang in comic books. We are talking about the book Monica’s Gang: Adventure in the Limoeiro!

In a magical way, the story fulfills the children’s dream to Monica’s Gang Characters and puts little readers into the enchanted and fun world of the gang. The adventures of Cebolinha, Magali, Mônica, Cascão, Franjinha and several other characters from the Limoeiro district enchant, amuse and teach generations of readers of all ages since 1970, when Mauricio de Sousa’s first comic book hit the newsstands.

Since then, the cartoonist, who has become one of the great authors of Brazilian children’s literaturecontinues to create new characters and stories to take Turma da Mônica’s adventures beyond the comics.

Curiosities about the book Adventure in Limoeiro

Launch at the Book Biennale

Speaking of the gang’s adventures beyond the comics, in 2016, at the São Paulo Book Biennale, a super novelty was launched: in the story “Aventura no Limoeiro” families adapted their children’s avatars with the color of their skin, eyes and , her and chose clothes and accessories for the little ones to take part in an incredible walk alongside the characters of Monica’s Gang.

After personalization, young readers and their families could follow the printing of the personalized book live. The novelty, which convinced both adults and children during the Bienal, was the result of a collaboration between Dentro da História and Mauricio de Sousa Productions.

Diego Moraes at the São Paulo Book Biennale in 2016
Diego Moraes at the São Paulo Book Biennale in 2016

Special moments between parents and children

“The book ‘Aventura no Limoeiro’ was developed with the idea of ​​helping parents relive special childhood moments with Monica’s Gang, as they personalize and story their children with the characters of the gang,” said Diego Moraes, co-founder of Inside History.

“For this reason, the illustration of the book resembles the pages of the Turma da Mônica comics that the parents of the children read in childhood. In addition, we also brought Mauricio de Sousa at a very special moment to close the story, after all, he is a reference when it comes to reading and reading,” he explains.

A new reading experience

Diego also says that, in addition to the features of the comics featured in the story, the book Aventura no Limoeiro was also developed with a font that made it easier to read.

“To provide a new experience and promote learning to read, we chose to capitalize the book. The text, written in all caps, reaches younger children, encourages early contact with books and helps school-age children learn to read,” he says.

The Beginning of History Inside

“The book is not only a carefully developed story, ‘Adventure in the Lemon Tree’ it’s also very special to us because it marks the beginning of Inside History.

The success at the Bienal not only confirmed the launch of the book, but was also the deciding factor for me and the other founders André, Flavio and Felipe to choose to continue to transform children’s contact with reading through personalized books. Since then, our partnership with Mauricio de Sousa Produções has only grown stronger and Turma Mônica’s books have reached the homes of more than 600,000 families,” concludes Diego.

Adventure in Limoeiro: fun and learning for kids

After learning the curiosities behind the development of this incredible story, check out 3 great lessons young readers will learn as they become protagonists of the personalized book Aventura no Limoeiro!

1) Respect and empathy

By getting to know the main characters of Monica’s Gang up close, children also learn the importance of respect and empathy for building new friendships and having fun.

Whether walking with Dorinha, meeting Luca along the way, or watching Xaveco play with Humberto, young readers playfully discover how welcoming, respecting and getting to know different children is fundamental to building a better, more fun and fairer to everyone.

2) Living and learning together

Detail of pages 20 and 21 of the personalized book Aventura no Limoeiro

In the story, kids get to know Franjinha’s lab, visit Magali, play with Mônica, and even get to know Cebolinha’s foolproof plans, in addition to playing with the gang and getting to know the neighborhood square.

While enjoying this unforgettable adventure in the lemon tree, the little readers observe the characteristics, talents and preferences of each character. For example, with every page children learn that differences bring them together and they discover that living and learning together is great fun.

3) Stimulate creativity

Several studies prove that the little ones have a high creative potential during childhood and in order to fully develop this trait, it is necessary to children’s creativity.

By visiting Cascão’s recycling workshop, Franjinha’s laboratory and playing volleyball with the gang, the little ones learn how to let their imaginations run wild to create new games, do science experiments and sports it’s a lot of fun.

Your little one on an adventure in Limoeiro with Monica’s Gang

Boy laughs next to Turma da Mônica's personalized book: Aventura no Limoeiro

To take advantage of a super discount and customize your little one’s avatar by choosing the color of eyes, hair, skin and clothes, just click here.

Besides an unforgettable gift for children, who will have a lot of fun getting to know the gang, the book Aventura no Limoeiro will also provide memories and more than special moments between parents and children.

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