5 benefits of interactive books for children

The importance of reading in childhood, how to develop the reading exercise with the little ones and how the family can stimulate new experiences with the children children’s book, are just some of the most discussed topics here on the blog as we know that awakening this habit at a young age brings many benefits to the little ones. In addition to being an expert recommendation, reading with children is a moment of affection, discovery and learning. How about making reading time even more special with the interactive books?

With lots of fun and space for children to unleash their creativity and get to know the magical universe of stories, the interactive books won the hearts of the little ones and became part of the reading corners of thousands of children. Because who doesn’t like to have fun and discover new things while listening to a good story?

What are interactive books?

Interactive books combine the fun of games with the magic of storytelling, opening up new possibilities for children and also bringing them closer to the story as they read. For this, activities such as word search, crossword puzzles, mazes, drawings to color and cut out, blank pages to draw or write are just some of the games present in these books.

Because they are a lot of fun, these stories make room for families to play with children while reading, and for the little ones who are not yet in the habit of reading, these books are a great option to encourage connection with the stories. and to help them develop reading exercises.

For children who already read alone and like to spend hours in the company of children’s stories, interactive books offer discovery and learning, in addition to presenting new ways to give wings to their imagination, showing that it is always possible to make the reading moment even more nicer..

1) Awakens creativity

interactive book with Show da Luna

Did you know that it is in early childhood, which runs from birth to age 6, that children develop creativity the most? according to an research conducted by NASA, in the first six years of life, little ones are considered creative geniuses. The same study also points out that after six years, children’s creativity levels decline sharply, demonstrating the importance of using playful resources to encourage little ones to develop and use their creative ability in problem-solving.

In this sense, it is fundamental to bring interactive books into the family reading time because, in addition to the activities and games that are part of the story, they awaken children’s creativity to imagine and imagine new possibilities. Discover, blank pages are the perfect space for the little ones who put their ideas and lessons on paper.

2) Stimulates motor coordination

Easter activity book

Activities to connect the dots and form a picture, mazes to help the characters in the story and the fun dotted drawings are some of the games present in interactive books that help stimulate the development of motor coordination in children.

In a playful and fun way, these activities reinforce important lessons while presenting the magic of children’s stories to the little ones.

3) Offers special family moments

interactive book for Mother's Day

Living with the family is a fundamental ingredient for children to develop in an integral and healthy way. A Let’s Play survey found that 50% of the children interviewed would like to spend more time with their parents and carers, showing that playing, talking and having fun with family members is becoming increasingly important for little ones.

How about leaving the quality family time even more fun and special with interactive books? The activities and games in the story invite parents and children to draw together, learn new things and travel to amazing places while reading together. Moreover, these books also provide unique moments that will be forever captured in the memories and hearts of family members and children. After all, the family is where the best stories are born and love never ends.

4) Encourages fun and learning

Luna show book

Childhood is a special and unique time for children to explore the world and learn about themselves and each other as they grow and develop. In this journey, play is the way the little ones live all these experiences and discover that it is possible to learn and have fun at the same time.

That is why reading interactive books with the little ones is so important, because these stories, which offer new perspectives, encourage learning through fun games that make reading even more fun and special for children.

5) Contributes to child development

Highlight of Mundo Bita's Personalized Interactive Book

As well as the stories of children’s bookspresenting new themes and perspectives for the little ones, approaching topics like cultural diversity, empathy, respect through playful examples, among others, the interactive books also bring important teachings to their pages that talk directly about situations and stages of children’s growth .

In this way, interactive books contribute to the development of children as they stimulate motor, cognitive and social, by stimulating creativity, motor coordination, imagination, spoken language, vocabulary expansion and also provide unique moments full of family fun.

Where to find the best interactive books for kids

If you’ve come this far with the desire to include interactive books in your reading routine with kids and you still don’t know how to find these stories that combine fun, games and learning with the magic of reading, check out the special list we have prepared below.

All presented books are available at website of in history: A pioneering children’s content company that turns children into heroes and protagonists of their own stories. In Dentro da História’s interactive books, which encourage the starring role of children, the little ones take part in totally unique and personal adventures. From books about space to stories where parents and children have fun together, the site offers options for different tastes and age groups. Checking out!

Luna’s Show in Make-believe in Space

Personalized Make-Believe in Space children's bedtime book

Together with Luna, Jupiter and Claudio, kids build an amazing rocket to travel and discover the mysteries of space, while having fun with story activities. View the full story by clicking here.

The world is more than perfect

interactive book that puts mothers and children in the story

my dad is awesome

interactive book for parents and children

The love between parents and children fills the pages of this unforgettable and fun story, which honors parents and shows children that with daddy the impossible becomes something wonderful! Click here to start customizing.

PAW Patrol ready for coloring

Paw Patrol Custom Coloring Book Illustration

In this fun ride, the kid will meet the Paw Patrol puppies while having fun coloring the drawings in their favorite colors! View the full story here.

Painting the animals with Mundo Bita

Bita World Animals coloring book

Looking for the Easter Bunny

interactive easter book

christmas colors

interactive book for christmas

In this incredible adventure, the child will discover the magical world of Santa Claus while having fun filling Christmas with colors and drawings! View the full book here.

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