An unforgettable race: check out the new Cars book

In 2006, when the first cars movie in the cinema, the world got to know Lightning Mcqueen, his best friends Mate and Sally and the whole Radiator Springs gang. Such was the success of the Piston Cup star’s adventures that since then thousands of adults and children have flocked to the cinema to follow Mcqueen’s thrilling races. Now fans of the Rust-eze pilot can have fun and get to know a super novelty firsthand: the new car book!

Result of Disney’s exclusive partnership with Inside History, the personalized book “An unforgettable match” set kids on an exciting adventure together with Lightning Mcqueen. Fun and starring are guaranteed in this story where the little ones will let their imaginations run wild to fulfill their dreams and learn important lessons about friendship.

Behind the scenes of the Cars book

In addition to getting you up close and personal with the town of Radiator Springs, the story also includes a new customization option that changes the avatar’s outfit into the features of a powerful race car, allowing kids to fulfill their dream of racing alongside Lightning Mcqueen in a breathtaking match.

The illustrations for this unpublished and fully personalized book were created by Fábio Oliveira, illustrator of the Inside Story Content team. It took months of work to ensure the kids had a unique experience alongside the star Lightning Mcqueen and the Cars characters.

Image shows 16 Cars characters parked in front of Radiator Springs' V8 cafe

Lightning Mcqueen, Mate, Sally and many others! Learn about the personality of the 16…

“An unforgettable match” it was a story that I illustrated with great affection, together with the whole team of Dentro da História. In this project I had a special motivation to fulfill my son Tuco’s dream. One day he told me that he dreamed of joining a story with Mcqueen, befriending the residents of Radiator Springs like Mate and Sally, and transforming himself into a race car,” explains Fábio.

That dream has come true and now Tuco and all the other little ones who are fans of Lightning Mcqueen’s adventures can enter the story and have an exciting adventure with their idol of the race tracks.

3 unforgettable moments from the Cars book

The story starring the children and idol Lightning Mcqueen is full of special moments. Get to know some of them and find out how to get your little one into this exciting adventure.

1) Getting to know Lightning Mcqueen

Highlight of pages 14 and 15 of Lightning Mcqueen's book

One of the most memorable moments in the Cars book is when the child’s character meets the star of the Piston Cup and discovers that he will compete in a race alongside his great idol Lightning Mcqueen. Besides getting excited about his new friend, the Rust-eze pilot is also very happy to have the kid on his team and immediately invites her to start training for the big dispute.

2) Finding the residents of Radiator Springs

Highlight of pages 12 and 13 of the book An Unforgettable Race

In addition to meeting Mcqueen, the child also experiences great emotions in the Cars book when he meets Sally, Mater, Doc Hudson, Flo, Luigi, Sheriff and many other residents of the great city of Radiator Springs. In front of the famous Flo’s V8 Cafe, the kid gets excited to meet the whole car gang, who are having fun and getting excited about the arrival of their new friend.

3) Transform into a race car

Highlight of pages 16 and 17 of the Cars book

Another unforgettable and fun moment is when the kid discovers that he not only meets Lightning Mcqueen and the Radiator Springs gang, but has also become a race car and is about to fulfill his big dream: to race with Mcqueen! Before reaching the slopes, the child will have fun training through the city streets and learn important lessons from Doc Hudson.

Learn how to put your little one in the Cars book

Who has not dreamed of meeting their favorite character and living unforgettable moments with him? The Cars book is not only exciting, fun and special, it is also a unique opportunity to bring children who are Lightning McQueen fans close to their idol from start to finish in a personal story.

To make your little one’s dream come true and put him in history “An unforgettable match” along with the cars, just compose the character by choosing the skin color, eye color, hair, clothes, shoes and even accessories including the option of a wheelchair. Click here to start personalizing and enjoy an exclusive discount.

Personalized cars Book to give to the little ones on Children's Day

The story can also be included in the Clube da Dentro subscriber’s book route. With the Club, in addition to the personalized book, the child receives personalized games and activities to learn and have even more fun with Lightning Mcqueen. Click here to see the available subscriptions and use the coupon BLOGDDH to guarantee a 10% discount on your subscription.

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