Children’s toys: check out 5 ideas to have fun on vacation

Whether it’s the middle or the end of the year, the holidays are one of the most anticipated moments for the little ones. After all, is there anything better than having fun, playing and even “doing nothing”? While it’s a time that kids eagerly look forward to, during recess, families are faced with the challenge of encouraging recreational activities, monitoring screen exposure, and maintaining the routine at home while working.

To help fathers, mothers and caregivers on holiday with their little ones, we have selected the best child’s play to have family fun and share unforgettable moments together. All you need are just a few materials, plus a touch of imagination and creativity. Nice time!

5 fun kids games for the holidays

1) Scientist for a day

Discovering the world and understanding how it works is something that fascinates children, but also awakens the curiosity of little ones to learn new things. Knowing this, how about turning the kids into scientists for a day on this holiday?

You experience the erupting volcano together. For this experiment, you’ll need modeling clay, a plastic cup, dish soap, baking soda, vinegar, and warm water. Watch the step-by-step video below:

2) Nice sculptures

Another tree, a square ball, a gigantic cart or even a dog with several legs: the possibilities for creating fun sculptures with modeling clay are endless.

To make this children’s game even more fun, see the video below how to make homemade modeling clay with the little ones with just a few ingredients. Then let your imagination run wild to create the sculptures.

3) Junk plane

Among the children’s games for fun on vacation, building toys with scrap is a great activity to encourage creator culturein addition to awakening the creativity and imagination of the little ones.

In the video below, watch how to make a scrap plane with the kids to make the moments together even more fun.

4) Play with reading

you children’s book they open the doors of the imagination and present new worlds to the little ones in a playful and very fun way. How about creating themed bookmarks for the stories with the little ones in between the kids games that involve reading?

In addition to customizing with the ornaments and colors they like the most, this activity is also an excellent game for having a good laugh together. Watch the following video for animal bookmark inspiration:

5) Magic Match

Looking for child’s play with fun tricks, good laughs and quality family time? Then the magic contest is the ideal activity to do with the little ones.

Here’s a special magic trick for kids to do or learn:

Which of these kids games did you enjoy playing as a family the most? Tell us here in the comments and check out more activities to have fun on vacation with the little ones.

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