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Reading, education and literacy are topics that go hand in hand and, here on the blog, are the most discussed topics in our content. All for one reason: we believe that the little ones’ contact with books, stories and characters provides unique and enriching experiences in the children’s learning and literacy process. You may be wondering: where the project Inside Educate fill in this story?

According to the Ongoing PNAD Survey conducted by the IBGE, the percentage of illiterate children grew by 66% between 2019 and 2021. This percentage corresponds to 2.4 million children who still cannot read or write. A song so expressive raises alarm that we must all unite to turn this situation around.

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In the book “Educar com a Mídia”, award-winning educator Paulo Freire discusses with Professor Sérgio Guimarães about the importance of using all possible means to enhance each of the learning stages for the little ones. That is why teachers suggest using media such as television, the Internet and many others in the classroom, both to arouse the interest of students and to teach them to be critical of them.

Although the dialogues of Paulo Freire and Sérgio Guimarães were recorded in 1983, the ideas of the two scholars continue to apply to the context of the children of alpha generationthese are children born after 2010 who have a strong presence of the internet and technology in their routine.

Inside Educa: a project to inspire teachers and students

Thinking about this whole scenario and how reading is fundamental to the learning of the little ones, Dentro da História developed the platform Inside Educatebringing the magic of personalized books to classrooms through technology.

By uniting the physical and digital universes, Dentro Educa enables teachers to transform students into protagonists of their own learning process, inspiring teachers and students to live new reading experiences and discoveries together.

In addition, all Dentro Educa content is aligned with the National Common Curricular Base, whose axes are the four pillars of education, namely: learning to know, learning to do, learning to live together and learn to be.

“These axes reinforce the content to be explored transversally, as they penetrate all areas of knowledge and provide a complete solution for the entire educational ecosystem, from teachers, students, families to the pedagogical team.”

Cláudia Onofre, pedagogical advisor and coordinator of Dentro Educa

For teachers, parents and carers who want to get to know this platform up close, which aims to reach and transform the learning of more than 100,000 children, just click here.

Discover a municipal school teacher’s reading promotion project based on…

Financial education in the classroom with Inside Educa and Mooney

the teachings of Financial Education for children is a much discussed topic, both at school and at home. The trend is that this topic is increasingly discussed between parents and teachers as it is a cross-cutting theme of the BNCC.

While it is very important for the development of children and for the future of the little ones, it is necessary to bring financial education to the classroom in a fun and playful way so that children can absorb the content and apply it in their routine.

With that in mind, Dentro Educa in collaboration with Mooney App developed a collection of five personalized books in which young readers enjoy learning the principles of financial education, such as saving, buying, consuming conscientiously. Each story has shortcuts that take kids to new missions in the Mooney app via QR codes.

Image with a personalized book from Inside Educa on financial education next to a mobile phone with the application developed by Mooney

Inside Educa and Mooney at Bett Brasil 2022

The personalized books that Dentro Educa has developed in collaboration with Mooney are specially made for teachers and families who want to change children’s contact and relationship with money. All this experience, which combines reading, technology and education, will be available on Bett Brazil 2022: the largest education and technology event in Latin America.

Bett Brasil, also known as Bett Educar, brings together several national and international companies to discuss the direction of education and develop new ways of learning for the little ones.

During the event, which takes place from May 10-13, 2022 at the Transamerica Expo Center, in São Paulo, parents and teachers from all over Brazil will be able to watch it live at Mooney’s booth.

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