What are the best pets for kids?

Fathers, mothers or caregivers who had a pet during childhood or adolescence certainly remember a special moment when they lived together. After all, between grooming, affectionate licks and walks in the neighborhood, a relationship of affection and companionship has been built with great pleasure and learning.

Pets have already been proven to provide several benefits for children, in addition to making the development of little ones healthier and lighter. Both for parents who have had pets in childhood and for those who have not had this experience, questions arise about how to know the best time to adopt a pet or how to find the ideal pet for the family. when kids start asking for a pet.

The ideal age to adopt a pet

Experts recommend that children live with pets when they are adults in motor coordination, can walk, sit and are aware of their body movements. This developmental stage of the little ones takes place around the age of 4 or 5 years.

In this age group, children also develop speech, express themselves better and adapt to the rules of interacting with other people, allowing them to show more care and responsibility with a pet.

Even before they reach that age, experts recommend that children get to know the animals through stories, trips to zoos or, if the family already has a pet, the interaction between the child and the pet should always be in a controlled manner. members.

In that articlewe present several children’s books about animals to read, have fun and stimulate children’s contact with the animal kingdom and nature by reading aloud.

4 benefits of pets for children

1) Strengthening the immune system

studies point out that living with pets strengthens the immune barriers of little ones, reducing the risk of infections, dermatitis and even asthma.

According to researchers, this happens because playing, stroking and grooming a pet trains children’s defenses to resist and protect themselves from pet hair, dust and saliva.

2) Socio-emotional development

Pets for children encourage the development of skills such as empathy, trust and respect, which promote social interaction, while teaching little ones to deal with fear, insecurity and shame through a relationship based on companionship.

Having a pet is also an invitation to live unforgettable experiences full of fun and joy, helping children to treat childhood fear and hyperactivity, for example.

family fun with kids and their dog

3) Responsibility:

Taking care of a pet instills a sense of responsibility in children to keep the pet safe, fed and happy.

In this way, children’s pets make room for parents and caregivers to talk about the importance of: Homework related to the care and protection of the pet, such as watering, cleaning and walking.

4) Family moments

When a pet comes into the family, no walk in the park, rainy day or outing is the same, because with a pet everything becomes much more fun.

Playing and learning together with pets creates unforgettable family moments that will be kept in the memories and hearts of the little ones forever. These memories make the development phases of children happier, more fun and lighter.

Discover the best pets for the little ones

If the kids are already asking for a pet or you’re planning to adopt a pet to surprise them, check out a complete list of the best pets for little ones.


Birds such as ducks and birds also make great pets for children as they encourage little ones to get in touch with nature.

Girls having fun with the ducks, kids pets

In the case of ducks and small birds, which have hygienic habits and make sounds different from other animals, experts recommend raising them in homes or farms. Still, feathered friends are great animals for kids because they love to play and have company.

Which of these pets would your little one want to adopt? Tell us here in the comments.


Dogs are not only man’s best friend, but also great companions for children.

boy having fun with his puppy

They are very loving, protective and like little ones they are always ready for fun games. Dogs live more than 10 years on average, which means that these au-migos accompany and help children through different growth stages.

Before adopting, it is important to remember that dogs are active animals that require care such as walking, playing, bathing, in addition to cleaning the environment they reside in.


Cats are among the most recommended pets for children by experts because they are affectionate and very sociable.

boy having fun with his pet kitten

Being an extremely domestic pet, cats encourage little ones to play at home or in the backyard as they make excellent friends for the shyest of children. In addition, cats are very independent, which is a great source of inspiration for little ones learning to do their first tasks alone.

In terms of hygiene, cats adapt easily to the litter box, as long as it is always clean and disinfected.


Full of colors and of different sizes, fish are animals that require less care than dogs and cats, ideal as a first pet for children.

children pets: fish

Taking care of a small fish also stimulates children’s creativity and observation skills as the little ones can create a fun aquarium with the colors and objects they like the most, in addition to learning to observe the fish’s behavior and movements.

Before you give your little one a fish as a gift, it is important to research how to change the water in the aquarium correctly and which food is best for which species.


little girl smiling while feeding her bunny

Rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs are among the easiest pets for children to care for.

In addition, rodents are pets that arouse the curiosity of little ones, because their behavior is different from, for example, dogs and cats. Feeding on fresh greens and vegetables, rodents also make great companions to encourage children to develop healthy food.

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