Family games: discover 12 games to have fun

Spending time together shows children how important they are and creates affective memories, but the reality of many families is different: they have to divide themselves between careers, homework and education of the little ones. So, where do you find quality time between family and kids in the hustle and bustle of everyday life?

The data, present in the article “Playtime” from Rede Globo’s Gente platform, confirm the challenge faced by motherhood and fatherhood: 81% of fathers and mothers say they want to spend more time with their children, but don’t know how.

Experts explain that incorporating quality time into the family routine means seeing time that doesn’t seem to be there. For example, inserting some games and family games into the doctor’s waiting time, waiting for transportation, or reserving a time of the week such as the “Golden Moment”, as suggested by Claudia Onofre, pedagogical advisor at Dentro da História, are small ways for family to enjoy quality time with the kids.

The most important thing is to see quality time as a moment when we are present and available to children, apart from the cell phone, television and anything that can be a distraction. In this way, the family creates a space to let creativity flourish and take advantage of these simple opportunities that everyday life offers us.

Family toys and games

Through play and play, families and caregivers get to know the children better and vice versa. Playtime is very valuable, because through play the motor, social, emotional and cognitive development takes place.

Second the article of the platform Gente, 94% of parents surveyed seek support to encourage the development of their little ones. To help these fathers, mothers and caregivers, we present below: 12 family game tipschecking out!

From 0 to 2 years

1. Animal game

The animal world brings the magic of awakening in children curiosity, sense of responsibility and develops social skills. O animal game consists of drawing or cutting out the animals and pasting them on cards that could be shoebox or cereal lids. Then just spread it on the floor and help the child draw, encouraging them to recognize the animal, say what it is and imitate the sound it makes.

This game is not only fun for the family and the little ones, it also helps develop oral language, expand vocabulary and stimulate visual and sound recognition, fundamental for cognitive, motor and emotional development.

2. Pad Game

From birth to age 2, children are in full development of motor coordination and path game It will be a great way to spend quality time with them.

To play, draw wavy, zigzag or straight paths with tape on the floor. The animal cards from the previous activity can also be used in this game and are placed on points along the way. To make the moment even more fun, you can invite the child to take the pet for a walk.

Another variation on the same game is drawing and cutting out food that each pet likes, inviting the child to walk along the route and bring the food to them. This game is great for the motor and spatial development of the child.

3. Making faces

In this age group, the little ones learn to recognize facial expressions and playing face making will bring lots of laughter and learning.

By making faces, the child learns to move the eyes, mouth and nose. Thus, you will know how we use them to express different emotions such as joy, anger and sadness, and help with social-emotional and cognitive development.

From 3 to 5 years

4. Clap game

How about restoring the old handshake jokes? The family can learn a game that is in their childhood memory, such as “babalu‘ and ‘Popeye’. This activity is great for boosting memory, rhythm, and motor coordination, as well as introducing the idea of ​​synchronizing with the other person, which aids in socialization.

The “ABC” is an activity tip that not only brings all the incentives of clapping games, but also helps to memorize the alphabet. The rules are simple, if it’s a vowel, clap with both hands, if it’s a consonant, use one hand, left or right, and when you get to the letter “Z”, cross your hands and tap each other.

5. Paint with the body

As the painter Pablo Picasso said: “Every child is an artist.” So this game is for the artist who lives in every child and in every adult. The material is simple: a roll of paper, cardboard or plain fabric that can be painted, gouache paint and tape to nail the paper to the floor.

Test the poster paint on the little ones’ skin first to see if it doesn’t give you allergies. Then apply the paint to your arms, hands, legs and feet. Let the child stamp a roll of paper, cardboard or plain fabric! This sensory and artistic activity allows the discovery of the body, the development of creativity and motor skills: ideal for this age group where interactivity flourishes.

6. Twister with dishes

This is a great activity for developing balance, strength, hand-eye coordination, and other strategies used during movement, right and left sense, and primary colors.

To play Twister with plates, you need colored disposable plates and tape to fix them to the floor. Choose four different colored plates, such as blue, yellow, red and green, and separate five plates of each color. In a paper bag or cloth pillowcase, place a plate of each color so that the person who will be the “judge” will draw the color that is part of the order. As in the original game, the judge will issue an order based on the color drawn: “place your left hand on the blue plate” or “place your left foot on the red plate”.

Important Rules: Only one hand or foot may occupy a circle at a time and children may not move or stand up without further direction from the judge.

From 6 to 8 years

7. Coloring Favorite Characters

Games that stimulate creativity are loved by children and coloring is one of them! Choice Pictures that bring along your little one’s favorite characters. By making the world more colorful, the activity encourages creativity and motor coordination!

Click on the following links to download drawings and activities for your little one:

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8. Storm on paper

On television, sung by the family, on the radio or in the body, musicality and sounds are part of our daily life. With them it is possible to develop feelings and sensitivity in children. For this, the game Storm on paper is a simple activity that will awaken the sound and creativity in the little ones.

The main tool of the game is the sheets of paper. Collect the papers and make strong and light beats to create different sounds. By placing the paper vertically and moving the leaves with intensity, you can create rain and thunder sounds.

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9. Language of the P

Who remembers how much fun it was to communicate with the Tongue of P? This is a game that kids love and can be adapted to any place and time.

Playing P language is easy! Add the pê before each syllable, for example “Pê-va pê-mos pê-no pê-par pê-que?”. It stimulates language development and is still a way to increase creativity.

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From 9 to 12 years

10. Adventure in the kitchen

Diving into the kitchen is not only challenging, but also a complete game, as it stimulates creativity, imagination and curiosity. With this, children are more open to new gastronomic experiences by mixing texture, colors and flavors. Cooking together is a fun task that teaches cooperation.

Be it a pie, cake or savory recipe, every dish is made more delicious alongside the family. Take advantage of this moment to make the introduction of food more fun, and transform the food that the child has some resistance to.

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11. Fantastic Story Game

Playing fantasy helps children to develop different skills, learn more about themselves and the world around them, as it stimulates, among other things, facing fears and novelties, solving problems, language expansion.

As Fantastic story game you will write fun and unusual stories. To be

60 fantastic cards with a word or phrase. In each round, the player draws three different types:

  • Letter Who defines the character: “A shy chimpanzee”
  • Letter Faz describes an action: “Speak French”
  • Card Mas Indicates Conflict: “I’m Getting Hungry”

Click here to download and print for free the cards and discover other ways to play with them through the guide.

12. My first wallet

Through playful activities, children learn many values, including financial education, how to save and make choices. Create a healthy relationship with money and encourage conscious consumption from an early age is fundamental to the child, the family and society as a whole. The coolest thing is that it is possible to learn all this, playing!

With the My first wallet From Inside the Story, the child can cut out and assemble their own wallet and money to play with. Click here to download the activity for free My first wallet to practice financial education in a playful and fun way!

In the Story Club reading kit

To support the development of the little ones and help families, Club Inside History It has games, games and activities adapted for each stage of the child’s development. Each month, Club members receive a super Reading Kit with a personalized book and various activities.

“The Clube Dentro da História works together actively so that the child develops the desire to read from an early age. The diversity of titles and activities broadens knowledge, cultural repertoire and stimulates creativity and imagination. Awakening the critical and participative feeling in the environment that is introduced.”

Claudia Onofre, pedagogical advisor at Inside History

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