Fun and mystery: discover the new book by Masha and the Bear

O family reading time it is very special for the little ones, now imagine who will be the main character of the story, the kid, along with his favorite character? For those who love Masha and the Bear drawings, the personalized book has arrived An investigation in the forestwith lots of fun and mystery to make reading with kids even more special.

In this fun and investigative story, little girl Masha is getting ready for a delicious picnic with the kid and her forest friends when the treats prepared by the bear disappear! To find out who brought the snacks from the picnic, the child goes on a fun adventure.

The illustration and the playful elements of the text encourage new discoveries and learning for children up to 5 years. Here are the top five lessons learned from the personalized book Masha and the Bear: An Investigation in the Forest for young readers and protagonists!

5 lessons from the personalized book Masha and the Bear: Investigation in the Forest

1. Don’t judge by looks

While searching for who could steal the picnic goodies, Masha first thinks it could be Panda Bear just because he likes to cook, and then she suspects Rabbit only because of his pointy ears. By jumping ahead and making judgments based on her first impressions, she eventually finds false clues.

The girl does this a few times, until she gets a valuable tip, which also teaches the child who participates in the story: it is important to observe the world carefully before jumping to conclusions about someone or an event.

2. Teamwork

Masha and the Bear personalized book detail

Masha and the child activate their detective side to solve this mystery. During the investigation, the duo must learn to listen and give their opinion about the suspects, and get help from the other animals in the forest to find the basket of goodies.

By encouraging teamwork, the little ones learn the importance of cooperation and show how they can resolve conflicts together faster and more fun for everyone.

3. Identify expressions and emotions

When they become suspicious of the other characters in the story, the child and Masha begin to realize that there is a difference between what people say and their actions. It helps young readers discover the importance of identifying emotions through gestures and facial expressions.

In the phase between 3 and 5 years, children learn to recognize expressions and emotions of the people they live with. In a playful way, the story shows young readers how developing this skill will help them in social life.

4. Research Skills

Masha and the Bear personalized book detail: Exploration in the forest

The mystery runs through the Masha and the Bear personalized book: Investigation in the Forest, which sparks curiosity in little readers from start to finish. The child, like Masha, will have to reason logically in order to recognize who is innocent and get to the real culprit of the joke.

In addition, the story presents various animals living in the forest through reading and illustrating, increasing the repertoire and language of the little ones.

5. Friendship and respect

In addition to the friendship between the protagonists, bonds are also formed during the investigation. By learning the important lesson about not judging on first impressions, Masha and the child learn to respect differences and empathize with what the other has to say.

In the end, with the help of all the animals, the friends come to the solution of the mystery and learn that sharing moments with friends brings good luck.

Fun and lead role in an exploration through the woods

Masha and the Bear Custom Book: Forest Research

Children can learn these valuable lessons by playing the lead role in the story together with the children Masha and the Bear characters. To provide new learning and great fun with the story An Investigation in the Forest, Click here to customize the book with your little one’s avatar and name.

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The drawings depicting the antics of a little girl who lives in the woods with her friend Bear,…

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