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What family never remembered their childhood fantasies when they listened to their children tell about their dreams while they slept or played fantasies? When we look at the imagination of the little ones, which develop at full capacity in childhood, we rediscover the child we once were: full of dreams, desires and with an enormous curiosity to get to know the world around us.

Today, we know from studies that both the dreams that children have while sleeping and the dreams that daydream are fundamental to the development of emotions, memory and imagination.

Stories, both in books and on screens, are windows that allow to expand the capacity of childhood dreams, always bringing plurality and diversity into the context of each child. Proof of this is the Disney characters, which have been part of many children’s imaginations and dreams for generations. After all, who doesn’t remember their favorite Disney character and story?

With the personalized book Where dreams come true, families and children get up close and personal with the amazing rides and characters that make up the Disney theme park. Besides discovering how Walt Disney, from a big dream and a lot of perseverance, together with equally dreamy people, builds so many stories and magical worlds to this day!

Building “the world where everything is possible”

Spread all over the world, both Disney parks and their iconic characters are world famous and hold a very special place in the affective memory of many children and adults. Do you know how it all started?

Walter Elias Disney was above all a persistent dreamer. He started working as a driver for the Red Cross in his hometown, Illinois, in Chicago, but after his calling to draw, at the age of 18 he poured all his creativity and energy into a career as a cartoonist and producer.

“If you believe in something, believe it completely, implicitly and indisputably.” (Walt Disney)

In 1923, already in Hollywood, Walt, along with his brother and his cartoonist friend Ubbe Iwerks, founded Disney Brother’s Studio. Between mistakes and successes, sketches and technological discoveries, the animated realm was populated by its iconic and striking characters: Mickey Mouse, Oswaldo, the lucky rabbit, Cinderella, Snow White, Pinocchio, Fantasia, Bambi and many others.

The dream did not stop there, the construction of the first Disneyland park in California took place in 1955, followed by Walt Disney World in Florida in 1966. The realization of this great dream was only possible thanks to the perseverance of Walt and the “ImagineersEngineers who designed and helped build all of Disney’s theme park attractions.

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Walt Disney

Walt Disney was not only a cartoonist and entrepreneur, but also a voice actor, screenwriter, director and animator! Through his imagination and realization he created a new concept and experience of an amusement park, known to everyone all over the world.

Discovering the Magic of Disney Parks by Reading

The personalized book”Where dreams come true” is a book full of enchantment and fantasy that takes little ones on a ride through Disney’s theme park and its magical attractions!

In this fun and light-hearted reading, kids can fulfill their dream of meeting their favorite characters in the park. Magic Kingdom, from Orlando. With the personalized book, your little one can also be the protagonist of this fantastic tour, in addition to the Disney characters and a visit to the main attractions of the park shown in great detail.

Cinderella’s Castle

Detail of the personalized book Where Dreams Come True

The character who first welcomes the main character on the tour is Princess Cinderella, who learns the importance of kindness and courage. In addition to presenting his beautiful castle made of stained glass.

At Cinderella’s Castle, located in Orlando Park, is the famous restaurant Cinderella’s royal table where guests can have their picture taken with various Disney princesses and have magical meals!

Space Ranger Spin

In this part of the tour, the child is invited by the iconic Buzz Lightyear to help him on a mission to defeat the army of the Zurg with a powerful laser beam and a lot of confidence.

When imagining this adventure, the child can experience a little bit of what it is like to have fun in the strollers with the park’s laser toys, carefully built with respect for the scale, giving the feeling of being immersed in the imagination.

It’s a small world

Detail of the personalized book Where Dreams Come True

One of the most popular attractions is It’s a small worlda musical cruise where children get acquainted with the 7 continents of the world and get to know different cultures and people.

The song that also bears the name of It’s a small world is made by Sherman brothers. It became the most played song in the world and has been played more than 50 million times.

Big Thunder Mountain

The emotion of a good adventure is also part of this magical story! The child is now introduced to the Big Thunder Mountain aboard the roller coaster: the famous gold mine.

The roller coaster is inspired by a gold mine that actually existed, Monument Valley in Arizona. Some stories say that while mining during the American gold rush, workers heard ghostly noises and strange events took place, making the mountain known for its magical powers.

Tigger and Winnie the Pooh

Detail of the personalized book Where Dreams Come True

The little reader can look forward to more encounters to warm their hearts and jump, jump a lot! He will meet Tigger and Winnie the Pooh who bring even more sweetness and love into the ride.

A fantastic curiosity about the characters of this age-old cartoon is that the creator, Alan Alexander Milne, was inspired by the stuffed animals of his son, Christopher Robin Milne, to design them.


The charismatic elephant that can fly, dumbo, takes the main character for a ride up high! Can you imagine how amazing it is to see the whole park from there?

To remember the affective memory of those who watched dumbo in his youth, Tim Burton directed the live-action movie released in 2019 which not only has an impeccable cast but still dazzles the viewer with the re-created animation scenes with all the magic of the circus scenario.

Mickey and Minnie

Almost at the end of the tour, we couldn’t miss the most famous Disney characters: Mickey and Minnie, who will meet the little reader!

The one who suggested the name of the most iconic Disney characters was Lillian Disney, the wife of Walt Disney, who found a name inviting to children.

More windows for imagination

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“Where Dreams Come True” is a dynamic read that introduces the main attractions and characters of Disney’s animated universe, and also allows the child to experience adventures and emotions that inspire confidence, curiosity and a lot of imagination!

The personalized book encourages the ability to tell and create stories, empathy and the exploration of volumes, textures and colors. The story also encourages children to discover how perseverance and leadership can make their dreams come true.

You can extend the little ones’ experience by going beyond just reading. As Club Inside Historyparents receive the book along with an incredible reading kit full of pedagogical activities created especially for each age group, to stimulate children’s new learning, creative, communicative and social expression.

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