Learning about sustainability with Beto, Cookie and Batman

A lot is said about sustainability, but where does the term come from and how do you introduce it into children’s routines?

O sustainability concept was presented at the United Nations Conference on the Environment, also known as the Stockholm Conference of 1972. From that event, several countries agreed that taking sustainable actions or being a sustainable person means contributing to caring for and conservation of natural resources and the environment. environment as a whole so that we can live well in the present and leave a better world for those who will come in the future.

Here at Inside History, helping kids take care of the environment in a playful way, is the intergalactic duo Beto and Biscoito who, along with their incredible friend Batman, Foldhave fun adventures whether it’s shower time or dinner time.

Let’s take a closer look at what the trio of friends have to teach kids about sustainability.

Reduce food waste

According to a recent study conducted by the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar), 26 million tons of food is thrown away every year, of the 140 million tons produced. As consumers, we can teach children a number of ways to avoid waste, such as: buy at fairs or from local producers and take home and put on the plate what we are really going to eat. Another way is to do like Beto, Cookie and Batman and create your own vegetable garden.

Illustration with friends Beto, Cookie and Batman

Of cachepots personalized from Inside History and Fold, the family and child have a special place to put their vases, be it for vegetables, herbs or salads. This makes planting your own vegetable garden much more fun!

Learn sustainable practices

Stories have the power to generate identification with children because it is a great playful activity to talk about sustainability. in the custom book The best friends on the planet, the intergalactic friends Beto and Biscoito, learn together to care for the environment and also their friendships while having a fun and unusual picnic. The main themes of the book are waste, recycling and the importance of plants.

Personalized book Beto e Biscoito: The best friends in the world

One way to keep little ones engaged in sustainability beyond the personal story is to bring the characters inside. you lick lick personalized from the Inside Story and Dobra mascots will remind your little one of the enduring adventures of friends Beto, Cookie and Batman and how practicing them in everyday life is important for the planet.

Save and fulfill dreams with pleasure

In addition to the trees, the trio of friends Beto, Biscoito and Batman also teach the little ones that to cultivate goals and dreams, it is necessary to plan. Does the child dream of going for a walk or buying a certain toy? With the help of friends, show her how saving the money you receive from allowances or family members will be helpful in achieving this goal.
To help the child learn this important lesson, a great tip from friends Beto, Biscoito, and Batman is to save a piggy bank or custom wallets of the fold.

Protagonism and conscious consumption with Dobra

Many products that we consume and present to children, directly or indirectly, are produced from natural resources such as wood, paper, plastic, etc. Each of these materials has its time of degradation more or less in the environment, so when we wear a clothes, Choosing a toy or activity for the little ones, it is important to examine how they are produced, which explains the importance of this attitude for children.

Image with purses, lambe-lambe and cachepots developed by Dentro da História in collaboration with Dobra

The collaboration between Dentro da História and Dobra goes beyond the fun stories of friends Beto, Biscoito and Batman. To make these sustainability lessons part of the little ones’ everyday lives, the purses, cachepós and lambe lambes have been developed with great care and concern for the environment. All these products have the Peta Vegan Seal, which means that they are produced without anything of animal origin or have been tested in it.

In addition, a portion of the value from the sale of these products goes to incredible educational projects. Click here to see all products and take advantage of the coupon DDHDOBRA15 to guarantee a 15% discount.

mother and daughter take care of plants

Learn how to encourage little ones to care for the environment and wildlife through…

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