LUCA: Discover the project that stimulates interest in science

O LUCA project was born in 2018 with the aim of using science as an educational practice, to show children how scientific learning applies to different areas of knowledge and everyday situations.

The initiative, supported by the University of São Paulo, came about after Claudio and other scientists from the institution presented the principles of Astrobiology at an elementary school. “That’s it: that’s where the idea was planted and since then we’ve been bringing the different themes of Astrobiology, the field of science that studies from the origins to the future of life in the universe, to different children and young people,” says professor Claudio Mendes.

By experimenting, children discover in a very fun way how scientific transformations take place. These experiences fuel learning and create unforgettable memories. After all, what adult does not fondly remember the emotions and discoveries while conducting experiments such as the sundial and the beans in cotton?

The importance of science for child development

For educator Claudia Onofre, “Science education in school is fundamental, especially as it is present in children’s everyday lives. The school has the role of provoking the student to be part of a process of discovery and awareness of his role in the world he is included in, especially in the environment that surrounds him.

Science learning and its impact on society goes beyond school walls as it prepares children to understand and interpret the natural, social and technological worlds. In this way, science becomes a transformative agent, presenting a new view of the world, while stimulating thinking about the common good and reflection on choices for more conscious interventions,” he explains.

Science is also present in several points of the BNCC, reinforcing the importance of all institutions, public or private, that prioritize science education in their lesson plans. “The National Curricular Common Base shows how science is already part of the child’s everyday life before school and therefore it is an area with a huge transformative role,” concludes Dentro da História’s pedagogical advisor.

Learn more about LUCA project initiatives

The pedagogue and education specialist Claudia Onofre got to know the Luca project closely and says: “during the visit it is impossible for the eyes not to shine and the heart to race, I was teleported to a world that I did not see in my youth! It’s fascinating to watch science bloom through my hands and see beyond what we see. I left with renewed hope, thinking about how any child given the chance to experience this experience will be transformed and be able to change the environment they are placed in,” he says.

See below for more details on the project initiatives that use science to teach.

Astrobe in the lab

Astrobiological topics such as the origin, evolution, distribution and future of life in the universe are studied in this initiative in a didactic and playful way.

For elementary school students, science learning takes place through experimentation in the science discipline, while high school students gain science experience in chemistry, physics, and biology classes.

Holiday Workshop

Whether on holiday at the beginning or end of the year, primary school II children enjoy workshops on astrobiology experiments.

Through experiences, lectures and various content presented by researchers, children and young people discover how scientists study and research this topic.

Rovers & Beyond

In this initiative of the LUCA project, children feel like real astronauts when they participate in training and virtual simulations on Rovers.

That way, learning about the curiosities of the solar system and exploring new planets, such as Mars, becomes even more fun.

Discovering science by reading

In addition to the founder of the LUCA project, scientist Claudio Mendes believes that cultivating scientific curiosity is essential to the education of children, whether they want to become scientists or work in other professions. The teacher is also the author of the personalized children’s book “Adventures on Mars”that sparks interest in science through reading.

Personalized Children's Book Adventures on Mars

In the story, children go on an adventure through space to repair a rover on the Red Planet. In solving this great challenge, young readers also learn more about science in a playful and fun way.

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