Meet 5 publishers of children’s books to encourage reading

Who doesn’t remember the adventures Dona Benta’s grandchildren had in the stories of Monteiro Lobato or the antics of Menino Maluquinho recorded in Ziraldo’s books? These and many other stories published by major children’s book publishers marked the youth and contact of an entire generation with Brazilian literature.

Many of these children who grew up surrounded by the magic of children’s books became the adults who are today father and mother to the little ones from alpha generation and share the challenge of encouraging reading in childhood.

In addition to being a fundamental habit for the child’s development, reading in the family also provides unique moments between parents and children, such as passing on the story of a special character to the child, guiding the little ones in reading of their first words and having fun with their reactions. children while speaking.

5 publishers of children’s books for families to know

in an exclusive interviewthe writer, illustrator and screenwriter Rafael Calça says that “The ideal is to show children that the world consists of multiple stories, with multiple protagonists. Thus, the child will not grow up believing that his individual experiences dictate the truths of the world. You can respect other experiences and develop empathy from an early age. Reading books, comics, watching plays, movies and series with different characters will broaden the child’s vision, teach them that they are part of a very rich whole and how their presence in this whole can be useful.”

For this reason, and to make these family reading moments even more enjoyable and enriching for children, we list below Brazilian children’s book publishers that parents and carers need to know to encourage representative and diverse reading with children. Checking out!

1) Inside Story Publisher

Since 2016, Editora Dentro da História has been encouraging children’s contact with reading through personalized books that turn little ones into heroes and protagonists of their own stories. With more than 120 published titles, the publisher is already part of the reading routine of more than 600 thousand families, who access to the site to customize the little ones’ favorite stories with their name and avatar.

For the founders of the publishing house, which combines education with innovative technology, Flávio Aguiar, André Campelo, Diego Moraes and Felipe Paniago:

“The fact that children are in the book, side by side with characters they like, is our most important innovation. This has a positive impact on development and learning, as shown by research conducted in London in 2017 which claims that personalized products in early childhood help little ones learn more words and even increase knowledge retention. And we see that in every report we get from families, every day.”

Founders of Inside Story

Each of the custom books has been developed by a team of education experts and is award-winning authors of Brazilian children’s literaturesuch as Januária Cristina Alves, Rafael Calça, Maria Amália Camargo, Mauricio de Sousa, Monteiro Lobato, Flávia Muniz, Tino Freitas and Júlio Emílio Braz, as well as international writers such as Nancy Parent, Gail Herman and Michelle Worthington.

In the Story Club reading kit

Whether it’s the original stories or featuring famous characters, such as Monica’s Gang, Menino Maluquinho, Patrulha Canina and many others, all content is aligned with the National Common Curriculum Base (BNCC) and covers themes that affect children’s development, the starring role of children and stimulate new discoveries with great pleasure.

In 2018, the publisher launched the Club Inside History, where kids receive a great monthly Reading Kit with personalized book, activities, stickers, games and more. Each Kit is chosen and personalized by the family, who also have complete freedom to select the books that the little ones will receive.

2) FTD Education

FTD Educação is considered the most complete publisher of educational children’s books in Brazil. Founded in France in 1883, the titles of the publishing house, which belongs to the Marist group, were first published in Brazil in 1902 and are currently widely used by early childhood teachers.

Paying tribute to the Superior Brother General of the Marist Institute, Frère Théophane Durand, the publishing house aims to transform education in schools across the country through textbooks with values ​​that can shape today’s children and young people in adults, protagonists of the future.

Personalized Book Collection Launched by Dentro da História in collaboration with FTD

In collaboration with Dentro da História, FTD Educação launched the collection “Learning at home”with 3 personalized books that combine reading, entertainment and educational activities to stimulate children’s learning.

3) Grupo editorial report

One of the publishers of children’s books that families should know is Grupo Editorial Record. Founded by Alfredo Machado and Décio Abreu in 1940, the group pioneered the distribution of comics in Brazil.

The publishing house, which started by distributing newspapers, has become one of the largest publishing groups in Latin America and currently publishes various literary genres such as fiction, novels and academic works.

For children, Grupo Editorial Record has several children’s literature books written by national and international authors, grouped between stories of adventure, science, fantasy, imagination and many others.

Father reading with son

4) Panda books

Panda Books is one of the children’s book publishers known for combining information and fun. Founded in 1999, the publishing house has more than 100 publications aimed at children.

One of the publisher’s best-known titles is Guia dos Curiosos: an almanac that has already been published in ten volumes with different themes.

In addition to children’s books, the Panda Educação seal has several publications on education, art, learning, among others, aimed at helping teachers develop children.

5) Companhia das Letrinhas

Companhia das Letrinhas is one of the stamps issued by Grupo Companhia das Letras, which brings together several children’s titles related to topics such as environmental conservation, girls empowermentrespect, empathy and many others.

For Grupo Companhia das Letras, which was founded more than 30 years ago, it is also important to value diversity and plurality.

In addition to Companhia das Letrinhas, the group also stamps Pequena Zahar, Brinque-Book and Scarlet to publish content intended to encourage and educate young readers.

Mother reading with son

in addition to the read out loud which, according to a study published by researchers Ana Teberosky and Angelica Sepúlveda, offers several benefits for children, such as vocabulary expansion and better school performance, there are other very important tips to read with children.

Each little one has unique preferences and needs based on their age at the time of reading. So that families can identify, enjoy and discover the interests of the little ones in the best possible way while reading, we mention in that article a series of tips on how to read with children of every age group.

We support the selection of children’s book publishers as well as the tips for reading time with the little ones that we want to use and help families develop and encourage children’s contact with the magical world of books.

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