Monica’s Gang – Lessons: What To Expect From The New Movie With The Gang?

More than two years after the premiere of Monica’s Gang: Tiresthe first film in which the characters by Mauricio de Sousa were played by flesh-and-blood actors, arrives in Brazilian cinemas Monica’s Gang: Lessons.

The second live-action with the gang will also be directed by Daniel Rezende and will feature child actors Giulia Benite, Kevin Vechiatto, Laura Rauseo and Gabriel Moreira, who give life to Mônica, Cebolinha, Magali and Cascão. This time, the four friends who decide to run away from school will have to bear the consequences of that decision and discover the challenges and adventures of growing up. Watch the trailer:

What can viewers expect from Turma da Mônica – Lessons?

Besides adventure, fun, learning and good laughter, the new movie of Monica’s Gang also has many new features. Find out which ones they are below!

The dilemmas and discoveries of growth

After Monica’s parents transfer her to another school, the group of friends splits up and she faces the dilemma of making new colleagues, adapting to a new routine, in addition to living their own experiences.

In a very sensitive way, the film shows how the growth and maturation process of the little ones is full of dilemmas, moments of doubt and incredible discoveries. With this, both children and their families are invited to see the growth phases and turn them into light and unforgettable moments.

Emotions and feelings

As they experience the dilemmas, challenges and learning of growth, Mônica, Cebolinha, Magali and Cascão also discover new emotions and feelings.

In addition to discovering feelings like fear, Limoeiro’s gang learns how to deal with and cope with these emotions with the help of family and close friends.

new characters

Tina and Rolo in the new movie of Monica’s Gang – Lessons | Source: GShow

Meeting the actors who gave birth to the protagonists of the comic books written by Mauricio de Sousa, the audience was also full of anticipation to find out who would be the actors chosen to play the other characters in the gang.

Expectations were fulfilled and in Turma da Mônica – Lições viewers can prepare to see Tina, Rolo, Humberto, Do Contra, Marina and other characters in flesh and blood on the big screen.

Older Child Actors

after the Monica’s Gang box office hit: Tiesreleased in 2019, the world was hit by the Covid pandemic, which delayed the recording and release schedule of Turma da Mônica – Lições.

In the period between one movie and another, caused by the pandemic, the cast of child actors grew. In interview, director Daniel Rezende explains how the actors’ growth was key to adapting the second graphic MSP written by the Cafaggi brothers.

New music

The adventures of Mônica, Cebolinha, Magali and Cascão are wrapped in the song Que Som é Esse? performed in the voice of Duda Beat and Flor Gil. Discover the music of the new film Turma da Mônica – Lessons:

Special scene after credits

In the special post-credits scene, viewers watch the Limoeiro neighborhood give way to another place very dear and beloved by Turma da Mônica fans: the farm. What will come around?

Director Daniel Rezende told in interview with omelette that “we could be in for a lot of surprises in the very near future. But I think everything will depend on Lessons’ success.”

New adventures to read and have fun

Collection of personalized books Turma da Mônica Pelo Brasil

While they wait for Turma da Mônica’s next adventures on the big screen, fans of Mauricio de Sousa’s stories can enjoy new adventures.

With the Discover the collection of Brazil Kids become characters in Monica’s Gang and join the gang on incredible tours to learn about the capitals, food, parties and Brazilian legends. Click here to see the books in the collection.

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