The importance of conscious consumption for children

To understand how important it is to talk to children about conscious consumption, it is enough to spend a few minutes thinking about how consumption is a part of our lives. From everyday situations like buying bread for breakfast to when we decide to buy a house or car, we consume products and services.

In addition, several studies, studies and News shows the effects of population consumption on the environment and the world, including the increase in pollution, deforestation.

In this way, we realize the necessity of educating today’s children so that they can develop good consumer relationships in adult life. That’s why families who talk to the little ones about conscious consumption contribute to transforming the world into a better place.

What is conscious consumption?

Conscious or sustainable consumption is defined as a social movement that wants people to think about how their consumption habits affect the world around them: from the environment to other people’s lives.

according to Akatu Instituteis to think before the purchase about why, what, how and from whom to buy a particular product or service, in addition to questions during and after the purchase about how to use and dispose of what has been bought.

The role of conscious consumption in childhood

Raising children who are happy and ready for life is one of the main goals of many families. For this, education about conscious consumption plays a fundamental role in childhood, as it provides several benefits for adult life. Find out which ones they are below!

Turns children into protagonists of the future

Bringing children to the moment of reflection on consumption habits, the little ones learn about cause and effect, next to them appreciated, heard and free to share their opinions and feelings.

This contributes to the development of a protagonist from an early age as it shows children the importance of fostering changes inside and outside the home. In adult life, the chances of these little ones to amplify their global awareness by making responsible choices to consume, care for the planet and the society they live in are much greater.

Stimulates learning about financial education

Boy saving money in his piggy bank

Of course, when we talk about conscious consumption with children, doubts and curiosity about money arise at some point in the conversation. How about taking the opportunity to start deepening learning about financial education with children?

From the moment children see the importance of consuming with planning and intelligence, taking into account the impact of their attitudes, the family can add elements such as the piggy bank to encourage a healthy relationship with money, making learning practical and very funny. is becoming.

Financial education for children

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Provides happiness and well-being in the future

According to data from Institute of Money and Mental HealthAnxiety is a feeling that is present in people who are going through some kind of financial hardship. In most cases, the accumulation of debt is caused by excessive consumption and without planning.

In this way, parents and relatives who talk to their children about conscious consumption not only prepare children to make smart choices in the future, but also enable their children to achieve happiness and well-being in adult life.

Contribute to a better world

Girl painting the planet earth

Planting the seed of mindful consumption in childhood contributes to the formation of responsible, intelligent adults who are willing to make a difference in the future.

Each of us feels, or at least has felt, a tremendous desire to change the world. Whether the profile is more dreamy or more realistic, the fact is that any family that raises their children today and teaches them to think before consuming contributes to a better world and tomorrow for all.

Because they are aware of the importance of sustainable consumption for the education of the little ones, many parents experience the challenge of how to bring this topic into the daily life of the family.

Here are some tips for sharing this topic with kids.

  • planning family purchases;
  • Buy only what you need;
  • Separate the waste with the children to teach them about the importance of recycling;
  • Show the little ones how much fun it is to reuse toys and clothes;
  • Make a mini vegetable garden at home with the kids;
  • Stimulate contact with nature;
  • cheer on relaxing activities which does not involve buying;
  • Invite the little ones to explore the origins of the main products and foods the family consumes.

Stimulate conscious consumption by reading

personalized book The Great Journey

One of the ways to talk to little ones about conscious consumption is to use playful examples. In childhood, children’s imagination develops at full speed and is one of the main ways in which they discover the world. What about using children’s books to talk about this topic?

At the personalized book The Great Journey, little readers become protagonists of an adventure on the high seas to realize their dreams. While the child enjoys diving to the bottom of the ocean, it also discovers different life lessonsincluding the importance of conscious consumption. To customize the avatar with your little one’s name and attributes and enjoy a special discount, click here.

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