5 Content about financial education for children

Families and educators who talk to children about financial education make room for them to build a healthy relationship with money and become independent adults in the future.

To address the problem, parents can engage in playful activities at home such as determining an amount for the allowance, giving a piggy bank or purse to their little one, or even developing a financial plan with the kids. These are just some of the ways to show the little ones how saving and thinking about money are attitudes directly related to life projects.

Like the family, the school already recognizes the importance of dealing with financial education in the classroom. For the BNCC, this is a cross-cutting theme that helps children develop the ability to plan their lives and make financial decisions.

In addition to developing critical and logical thinking, financial education also encourages: social-emotional skills such as: self-control, patience and frustration.

Financial Educational Material for Family Fun

The coolest thing is that you can encourage a healthy relationship with money by introducing the subject to the little ones through fun games and stories full of inspiration.

Check it out below 5 content about financial education to do with children and stimulate the relationship with money!

1. Financial Education Activities

Financial Education Ebook

What is part of a healthy relationship with money? It’s much more fun to develop autonomy and critical thinking about finances by making an ATM with simple materials and playing fictional shopping in stores or supermarkets.

the digital book Financial Education ActivitiesDeveloped by Inside History in collaboration with Banco24Horas, it contains fun activities and instructions on how families can talk to children about this topic in a light-hearted and fun way. Click here to download the material for free.

2. My first wallet

my first wallet

Money is part of everyday life for both adults and children. While learning to build a healthy relationship with him, children discover how to make responsible choices, save and also consume consciously.

O My first wallet kit was created by Dentro da História in collaboration with Dobra, with the aim of uniting financial education with sustainability. With the dynamics proposed in the material and the help of the characters Beto and Biscoito, the family will be able to show the child what is essential and what is superfluous. Click here to download the material and let the fun begin!

3. Treasure game

Treasure Game teaches kids financial education

Talking about financial education is also talking about sustainable business, after all, taking care of our world is a way to prepare an increasingly better future for the next generations. We can teach these values ​​and lessons to children through a very fun board game!

O treasure game presents values ​​related to sustainability and conscious consumption. The ultimate goal is to get through the squares on the board and reach the end by collecting as many coins as possible. While having fun, the little ones learn the importance of sustainability in practice. Sign up here to receive the Treasure Game!

4. Personalized Book “A Grande Viagem”

personalized book The Great Journey

Discovering the bottom of the sea, saving the planet’s animals or cycling on the beach: these are just some of the dreams that come to the imagination of children. Encouraging little ones to fulfill their dreams is essential in financial education.

in the custom book The Great Journey, the child is encouraged to think about their dreams and goals. In addition to customizing the story with the child’s name and avatar, families can also choose between Captain Ventura and Captain Venturo to accompany young readers on this unforgettable adventure.

The book is an excellent content to talk to children about financial education as it navigates topics such as conscious consumption, environmental conservation and sustainability in a fun way.

5. Personalized Book “Space Dream”

Personalized Space Dream Book

One of the content about financial education for children is the personalized book Space dreamthat teaches children important lessons about money.

In addition, the story that encourages the child to make plans to build a rocket also presents the principles of the DSOP methodology that teaches the little ones to diagnose, dream, budget and save.

Together with Nico and his grandfather Amadeu, little readers will have fun and learn a lot in this incredible adventure through space. Click here to edit the story.

Financial education for children

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