5 lessons for life with the personalized book “A Grande Viagem”

Educating and preparing their children for the future is the desire of many families, even if this is a mission full of worries and challenges. After all, how to teach? equivalenceconscious consumption, emotional intelligencemoney, among many other subjects, in a light-hearted, fun way and in the language of the little ones?

In addition to being essential for children’s development, reading is also a great ally for families looking to prepare children for adulthood. you children’s book they open the doors of the imagination and help the little ones discover the world and learn new things, while contributing to their development.

How about knowing a story full of fun and learning for children’s lives?

Fun, adventure and learning on the high seas

Detail of the personalized book A Grande Viagem

At the The great journey bookpersonalized with the child’s name and avatar, the fun begins when the little reader discovers that he will meet the lab boat he always watches in his favorite show, “Aventuras Submarinas”.

Together with Captain or Captain Ventura, children embark on a journey on the high seas to learn important lessons about how to plan to conquer dreams, how to consume with a conscience and live a life of adventure. The discoveries don’t stop there: check it out below 5 great lessons from history.

conscious consumption

What is conscious consumption? The answer to this question is found by the child when the captain of the laboratory boat teaches him to think before buying something or asking for a new gift.

By learning to question themselves about the real need for the things they want, the child discovers that we don’t have to buy most of the things the world offers us. Through this discovery, young readers take with them into adulthood the realization that it is not wrong to buy or have, but to do it impulsively and without thinking.

The book A Grande Viagem also teaches little ones to appreciate and find happiness in simple things like family time, fun with friends, reading a good book, among so many other moments that are free and really fill the heart.

financial education

parents who provide financial education

During this journey to the seabed, the child also learns that it is necessary to conquer all or most of their dreams, prepare, study and plan, and that financial education is very important during this journey.

The piggy bank, which is shaped like a friendly and smiling whale, appears in the story to show the little ones that putting financial education into practice in everyday life is a lot of fun and starts with a small attitude.

With this, this adventure helps children to get to know the first concepts about financial education. In addition, the story opens up space and brings ideas about how the family can continue to encourage learning about money to help the children of today grow up who are prepared to manage their finances in the future.

social-emotional intelligence

One of the lessons for life with the book A Grande Viagem, is the social-emotional intelligence. Realizing their dreams of visiting the lab boat and diving to the bottom of the ocean, young readers are confronted with different feelings, from joy to fear.

In this way, young readers discover that great events are always accompanied by different emotions, and it is necessary to know them in order to know what to do when they occur.

As they participate in the story and experience joy, fear and even sadness, children learn that emotions will be a part of their lives and emotional intelligence must be developed from an early age to find happiness and success in the future.


Siblings collecting garbage in the park

Teaching children about the importance of preserving nature is the desire of many families. In this adventure by the sea, the little ones will also discover why and how to take care of the environment.

While diving to the bottom of the ocean to learn a little more about marine life, the child is confronted with different species, natural beauties and also the pollution caused by the excessive consumption of plastic and paper.

Seeing the sea they love so much full of dirt helps young readers understand the impact of human attitudes on nature and learn the importance of disposing of waste in the right place, in addition to raising people’s awareness around the subject.

community values

Discoveries about conscious consumption and conservation make children discover one of life’s lessons with the book A Grande Viagem: Community Values.

After all, it is by thinking about their real needs when consuming and the impact of people on the environment that the child understands that their attitude affects the world and the people around them.

In this way, these lessons help community values ​​such as respect, ethics, citizenship, solidarity, empathy, and many others begin to develop and strengthen from childhood through adulthood.

A great trip to have fun and learn as a family

personalized book The Great Journey

the children of alpha generation were already born in a world influenced by technology and full of incentives. For this reason, it is essential to prepare them from an early age so that they are able to change and transform the reality they will encounter in the future.

The personalized book A Grande Viagem encourages the whole family to participate in an adventure full of fun and learning, in addition to presenting important themes for the development of the child. To make your little one the protagonist of this story, click here to guarantee the book at a special discount.

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Financial education for children

Understand the importance of talking money to kids and learn about great materials…

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