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Encouraging childhood discovery is essential for children to develop curiosity and the desire to learn new things as they grow. Further, different studies prove that the little ones have a high capacity to learn, create and fantasize in the first years of life.

“How to encourage early learning without straining the child’s routine?”

This is a question from several families who want to provide their children with a learning and discovery environment without making it an obligation for the little ones, because learning should be fun.

One of the ways to encourage children to discover the new is by: reading. Contact with books stimulates the imagination and allows young readers to learn new things in a fun and playful way. Yet reading alone is not enough, especially in the early years of life. Find out why:

Learn more than read

For children who are not yet literate, the reading moment is extremely visual and sound as parents read aloud and show the illustrations of the story to the little ones. For this reason, it is essential that children learn through play while having fun.

With this in mind, and to provide even more content relevant to the routine of families with the little ones, Dentro da História developed in collaboration with twinkle free activities to do with kids. Twinkl is a digital platform of educational resources that originated in England and has spread around the world, providing activities for families and educators to encourage children’s development.

Together we developed a series of activities inspired by the personalized book collection. “Learning the Bê-a-Bá”that introduces young readers to colours, shapes, numbers and vowels in a playful and fun way.

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Discover the activities around Bê-a-Bá . to learn

Learn more about free activities from the Learning the Bê-a-Bá Collection and find out how to download resources to have fun and learn as a family:

Near colors

In this colorful neighbourhood, the creativity data will help children learn about the four main colors: yellow, blue, red and green, and the ride next to Mr. Gouache, Palhaça Zuzu, Chef Mustarda and Maestro Carmim even more fun.

City of shapes

not fun game to differentiate, the little ones will learn the shapes of triangle, square and circle. And more: Kids are also discovering the adjectives “square”, “triangular” and “circular”.

World of numbers

Among the free activities, the puzzle will encourage children to develop math skills. The Conta-Conta wizard will enjoy teaching little readers numerical order and numbers.

Rua das Vowels

O association game will help children learn new words and connect pictures with the sounds of letters, making the walk through Rua das Vogais even more fun and full of discoveries.

Click here to download the free activities and start the fun with the kids.

Tell us here in the comments what the little ones’ favorite jokes were.

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