Shantala massage for baby: learn how to do it

During pregnancy, the baby goes through numerous changes as it develops in the womb. It is no different after birth: transitions continue until the child can adapt to the outside world.

For this reason, the first month of a baby’s life is marked by discoveries for both the child and the family, who learn to understand the language of the little ones and determine what they need.

Communication between caregivers and the baby is mainly through crying and touching. For moms and dads, active listening and observation are the best ways to recognize what does baby cry mean?. In addition, observing how the child responds to the sensory stimuli of physical touch brings the baby and the family closer together, strengthening the bonds of love between them.

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What is Shantala Massage?

Shantala is a form of Indian massage that became world famous in the 1970s by the French gynecologist Dr. Frederick Leboyer.

After a trip to India, the doctor noticed that many mothers used this ancient technique in their daily lives to care for their babies and interact with them through touch.

The massage, which can be done from the first month of life, lasts between 15 and 30 minutes and consists of simple movements on the face, arms, legs, arms, back and the entire upper body of the baby. Each movement can be repeated 3 to 5 times, depending on the child’s predisposition.

Benefits of Shantala Massage

Since it won the world, Shantala for babies has been used by different families as massage not only strengthens the emotional bond between the child and its caregivers, but also benefits the development of babies.

View the advantages of Shantala below:

  • Provides relaxation for the baby and avoids stress;
  • Stimulates the functioning of all organs, as it activates blood circulation;
  • Improves baby’s breathing and sleep quality;
  • Relieves colic and gas, in addition to improving digestion;
  • Promotes well-being;
  • It strengthens the bond between the baby and its caregivers.

In addition to these benefits, Shantala also contributes to the emotional and physical development of the baby, as well as to his motor coordination.

How To Do Shantala Massage On Baby?

Baby Laughing While Receiving Shantala Massage

Experts recommend giving Shantala to the baby after a bath or at a time when the child is calm. Before starting the massage, it is important to prepare the environment, choose a place without noise and with comfortable lighting.

During Shantala it is also advisable to leave your mobile phone and television off. This way, the caregiver has no interruptions and can talk to the baby and make the most of the moment together.

Besides choosing the best time, preparing the environment and avoiding interruptions, it is necessary to separate a vegetable oil of your choice to make Shantala on the baby. This oil is used only on the baby’s body to let you relax and facilitate movements.

Watch the step-by-step Shantala massage below:


With open, oil-free hands, massage baby’s face, starting at the center of the forehead and moving toward the ears.

Then use your thumbs to massage around the baby’s eyes. Start the circular motions from the outside of the eyebrow, going through the lids and return to the eyebrows.


Put a little of your chosen vegetable oil in the palm of your hands and rub them together until warm.

With warm hands, make movements from the center of the chest to the baby’s armpits.


To massage the baby’s torso, gently move your hands away from the tummy and slide it up towards the shoulders to form an X on the baby’s tummy.


Slide the sides of the hands from the abdomen, through the navel and up to the bladder.

This is an excellent move to relieve and prevent baby colic.


Hold the baby’s wrist in a curling motion. Do the same with the other hand on the upper arm, at the armpits. Slide the hands while maintaining the curling motion until the two hands meet in the center of the baby’s arm.

Shantala massage on baby's hands


With baby’s small hand open, use your thumb to massage the palm toward the fingers. Gently pull each little finger and squeeze it gently.


Hold the baby’s little leg in a bracelet format with your hands. Perform the curling motion, starting at the groin and moving toward the feet.

Then do the back and forth twisting motion from the groin to the ankle.


Slide the thumb from the heel to the toes. Then gently pull each little finger and massage them gently.


Gently lay the baby on his stomach on his legs. Then slide your hands down your back to your buttocks.

Baby gets leg stretch from Shantala massage


After repeating each of the movements 3 to 5 times, complete the massage by crossing the baby’s arms over his stomach and then opening them. Do the same movement with the legs: cross them over the baby’s tummy, opening later.

See below a video on how to make Shantala on the baby:

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