10 years of Mundo Bita: get to know the trajectory of the character

The Brazilian animation of the circus presenter with an orange mustache and his gang is a hit with children and even adults, who love Mundo Bita’s songs, cartoons and books. After all, who does not know the verses of the famous song “Fazendinha”?

The adventures of the character, who conquered Brazil and has already been released in Spanish and European Portuguese, came about while Chaps Melo was decorating the room of his first daughter, Bebel. In the following video, he tells more details about how it all started:

Mundo Bita exists 10 years

When he finished decorating his daughter’s room, Chaps showed the characters he had created for his friends João Henrique Souza, Enio Porto and Felipe Almeida. In 2011, they joined forces to create Mr. Plot Productions and start the fun adventures of the mustachioed and his friends.

Exactly 10 years later, the channel of Mundo Bita on YouTube over 8 million subscribers and the class drawings, available on Netflix and Discovery Kids.

In addition to the small screens, Mundo Bita also won the pages of stories in personalized books launched in collaboration with in history. In the collection, which consists of four books, the child becomes a character and experiences fun adventures together with Bita and his friends Dan, Lila and Tito.

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Behind so much success and stories to tell, partners and friends care about children’s development and education. In the interview below, see what the founders have learned in these 10 years on the road and how they are planning the next steps for Mundo Bita!

Inside History: This year Mundo Bita turns 10! How it all started?

Melo Chaps: When we got mr. Plot with the idea of ​​producing children’s content, I showed the partners the drawings I made a year earlier for my first daughter, Bebel’s room. Everyone loved that character with the orange mustache and top hat. So we named him Bita and started making stories about the magic circus for digital books. That was the beginning of everything. A year later, in 2012, we also decided to make music videos and saw that through audiovisual language we could extend the contact with the public and support the project.

DDH: What are the most important lessons learned during this period?

Felipe Almeida: We understood that the most important thing was not the platform or the technology, but the story, the charisma of the characters, the identification with the families and the topics covered. That’s the gist. So much so that today we can see Mundo Bita in music, books, live interactivity spaces, theater stages, products, in a range of formats. If the conceptual construct is well executed and true, there are no limits.

DDH: Like you, Dentro da História believes in identifying children with stories and plural in childhood. How do you see the impact of Mundo Bita on the children’s universe?

Joao Henrique: Involving children in the story is a magical journey! The transformation of the person into a character stimulates the imagination, creativity, subjectivities, which are so important for us to form empathetic beings committed to the universe around them. So this is a wonderful mission. And being able to handle important issues with lightness and poetry is what we look for in Mundo Bita all the time. Once this connection is made, the effects are immediate as the child understands the themes immensely and carries the experiences with them forever.

DDH: How did you see the role of the characters from Mundo Bita in the lives of children and families during the pandemic and this period of social isolation?

Enio Porto: In these 10 years we have built a relationship of great complicity and affection with children and families. And every day that we increase the audience and the opportunity to connect with more people, the relationship becomes one of greater responsibility. Therefore, from the first moment of a pandemic, we must position ourselves, talk about the importance of using the mask, distancing, hygiene, indoor jokes and shared reading. We launched free digital booklets that covered these topics in a playful and didactic way. Contributions like these are part of our mission.

DDH: Has there ever been a remarkable situation where the characters from Mundo Bita helped children cope with a difficulty or challenge and learn from the situation?

Melo Chaps: I always say to Mr. Plot that when someone is sad, it is recommended to look at the comments on our social networks. There is a lot of affection and recognition for the work we do. And within this universe, we also receive emails and messages with stories of overcoming that move us. A boy with motor problems who walked for the first time in physiotherapy to the sound of Mundo Bita, a little girl who was hospitalized and found strength watching the videos, there are many situations that exist in our existence with meaning to fill.

DDH: What was it like to see Mundo Bita’s biggest success, “Fazendinha”, in the form of a personalized book for children?

Melo Chaps: We have tremendous affection for “Fazendinha”. It was our third clip to be released and to this day it is part of many families’ good mornings. It’s great to see the Mundo Bita gang discovering together with the kids at home on a tour of the farm! It’s new content that adds a lot to our story.

DDH: What do your sons and daughters think of Mundo Bita’s personalized books?

Joao Henrique: My daughter and son don’t miss one! Every launch they ask to participate and they have already received their copies of Fazendinha. Both chose to be in the book in overalls, like good country children.

DDH: How do you see the brand and its content in the coming years?

Enio Porto: In the beginning, 10 years ago, we determined that our production would be continuous. And over time, we saw that it was the right decision, because it’s the releases that keep the content alive and dynamic permanently. So the idea is to maintain the footprint and always bring news to the public in the most diverse formats. The coloring book of activities that Dentro da História is developing together with Mundo Bita is one of those innovations that contribute to, strengthen the brand and strengthen the connection with the public.

Bita World coloring book

To bring joy and learning to children, Mundo Bita and Dentro da História are always creating new things in collaboration. This time, the kids can be part of a mustache buddy coloring book!

In the book Painting the animals with Mundo Bita The child will have fun with the friendly presenter with the orange mustache and his friends in an adventure that starts at the small farm and ends at the bottom of the sea. In addition, the little ones can also learn with the activities and let their creativity run wild to color the drawings however they want!

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