7 Benefits Of Yoga For Kids

Understand how this ancient practice can help children’s development and see tips on how to introduce yoga into children’s routines.

Did you know that the word Yoga means “to unite” and “integrate”? The term, which comes from the Sanskrit word “yuj”, appeared in India over 5000 years ago. Yoga stimulates the connection between body and mind, through nature-inspired movements and breath control. The regular practice of this technique provides moments of relaxation and well-being.

In an increasingly connected and busy world, the children of alpha generation are already born and receive various external stimuli on a daily basis. With online classes and the absence of socializing with their friends, the little ones tend to spend even more time with screens and the virtual environment. This can contribute to children having a harder time calming down and focusing on daily tasks.

Children’s yoga and the new generations

The challenge of balancing the digital and analog worlds is shared by many families, especially in times of remote work where family life has been extended. In that sense, the children’s yoga can be an important aid in daily transitions between the physical and virtual environment.

According to teacher and specialist Michelle Soares Bosco, “Children are just as busy these days as their parents. Outdoor activities, together with technology, a tool of this generation, ultimately provide a lot of stimulation and anxiety. Yoga connects the child with the inner world. back: when they are more internalized, children become more aware, sensitive, calm, grateful and hospitable.”

Further, a study published by The American Journal of Occupational Therapy found that practicing children’s yoga can help with the behavior and development of children with autismsince children on the autistic spectrum often have a stress and anxiety taller. “Fear feeds a lot of negative behaviors, so the yoga program gives them a strategy for coping,” said study researcher and study leader Kristie Patten Koenig.

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Main Benefits Of Yoga For Kids:

Benefits of Yoga for Kids
The practice of yoga in childhood has benefits for the mind and body

By encouraging healthy habits and self-knowledge, the practice of yoga in childhood brings various beneficial stimuli to children. “Parents can incorporate yoga into their child’s daily life by inviting the child to observe what is happening around them, in the ‘here and now’. We often go from one activity to another on a schedule, but there is meaning in everything that happens. As the child begins to develop this deeper view of everything around him, his breathing lengthens and he becomes calmer,” explains Michelle.

Here are 7 of the top benefits of children’s yoga:

1 – Motor coordination

By practicing yoga regularly, children develop hand-eye coordination. In this way, simple routine activities such as brushing teeth or even more complex school tasks such as writing, painting and cutting are performed with more autonomy and in an easier way.

2 – Body Awareness

In addition to motor coordination, yoga also allows the little ones to get to know their bodies better and explore their physical limits. The balance and posture required by each position also aid in the proper development of movements such as squatting and sitting.

3 – Emotional development

Another benefit of yoga for children is to encourage breath control. In combination, body control, inhalation and exhalation aid in the fighting anxiety in childrenbecause they help to relax the mind and body. The movements also aid in emotional control and development outside the moments of practice, and influence the child’s behavior on a daily basis.

4 – Concentration

The practice of yoga also encourages concentration in a broad way as the little ones develop perceptions with each movement, in addition to encouraging them to focus their attention on the present moment. This means that worries about other activities and distractions are replaced by peace and the presence of body and mind in the present.

5 – Creativity and imagination

In addition to helping children to calm the mind and body, children’s yoga also allows the little ones to let their imaginations run wild to create new movements and explore the possibilities of the body. The practice also makes children more sensitive to the stimuli received, increasing the possibilities of creating and imagining new things outside the classroom.

6 – Connection with nature

With movements inspired by nature and animals, yoga for children also encourages contact with the environment. This incentive since childhood ensures respect for nature, in addition to opening space for family dialogue about sustainable practices and environmental conservation.

7 – Improving school performance

By stimulating motor coordination, body awareness, emotional development, concentration and creativity, children’s yoga ultimately contributes to the school progress of the little ones. This happens because the development of such skills allows the child to learn more and better.

How to insert yoga into the child’s routine?

In contrast to the practice aimed at adults, yoga for kids should be done in a playful way, so that the moment does not become a weight in the routine of the little ones. It is important to remember that children’s yoga can be practiced by children of different agesas long as they are taught with the best techniques for each stage of development.

Yoga book for children
Children’s book about yoga: “A journey through the inner nature”

the personalized book “A journey to the inner nature”written by Michelle and published by in history, encourages children’s yoga in a fun and light-hearted way. “It is a special book that contains many symbolisms in which contact with animals leads the little ones to realize and awaken the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs that occur in daily life,” explains the author. In the adventure, the child also learns to stimulate his own body with the first movements of yoga and meditation.

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