9 children’s animal books to read as a family

Species that live in the savannah, on the ice, in the forest, in the sea or even the extinct dinosaurs: children love to discover facts about animals and learn more about it through children’s books.

In addition to being preferred by the youngest, stories about animals also encourage children to interact with nature. This contact is necessary so that they can understand the importance of caring for the environment and preserving the habitat of different species.

In the series of messages “Children’s books for the new generation”, we have selected the best stories to stimulate children’s reading habits and different types of learning. Below are our instructions for: books about animals in a personalized version to pique the interest of the little ones even more.

The importance of reading in childhood

To understand why reading to children is so importantjust remember the books you read when you were a kid and you remember them with fondness and a touch of nostalgia to this day.

By stimulating contact with books from an early age, children can discover different worlds, stimulate their imagination and curiosity, encourage creativity and make new discoveries. All of this contributes to cognitive development, facilitating literacy and learning.

The habit of reading is also important for family life: it has already been proven that reading to children brings parents and children closer together and strengthens the affective bond between them.

Animal Book Tips For Kids

Check out the animal books below to read, learn, and have fun as a family with kids!

Mundo Bita: Animals of the Small Farm

“Good morning! The sun has already risen on the small farm…” – One of the children’s favorite songs also won the pages of personalized books.

farm animals is an animal book from Mundo Bita, in which the child will accompany his mustachioed friend along with Lila, Dan and Tito on a journey full of fun! The story encourages you to recognize and reproduce the sounds of animals, and learn about the places where they live.

Farm animals book

Mundo Bita: Painting the animals

How about traveling with Mundo Bita and the gang to meet and color different animals? in the coloring book painting the animalsthe adventure starts in the small farm, goes through Africa and goes to the bottom of the sea!

In addition to getting to know different types, the child can give free rein to his creativity by coloring the whole story. There are several pages with space to draw and color as you wish.

Bita World Animals coloring book

Luna Show: Playing with the animals

Curiosity leads children to discover the world! It will be no different in this children’s book: in Playing with the animalswill accompany the protagonist Luna, Jupiter and Cláudio on a journey full of scientific curiosities about the animals of Sítio do Bagre Azul.

While reading, the child playfully learns why the duck floats in the water, why the pig likes mud and even why the rooster likes to crow in the morning.

Playing with animals from Luna's Showbook

Monica’s Gang – Visit to the Roça

Chico Bento’s place will be small for so much joy and fun: in the book Visit in Rocaall Turma da Mônica pets will accompany their owners on a great adventure on the farm.

By going into the story and also personalizing it with their own pet, the child learns about the care that a small animal requires. In addition, you will also learn more about the rural environment while walking with the characters in the class.

Book Visit to the Countryside - Monica's Gang

A journey through the forest

Many animals live in the tropical forest: among them is the pink dolphin, known by a popular legend of the region. Faced with the immense natural diversity and rumors of its origin, the Boto decided to disappear for a while. Where did he end up?

This is the beginning of the book adventure Travel through the forestwhere the child gets the chance to learn more about the fauna and have fun with the sights around the typical animals of Brazil.

Children's book about forest animals

A journey through the ice

What other animals like the cold except the polar bear? In the book journey through ice, the child meets the friendly penguin Tenório, who will introduce him to all his friends: the seal, the killer whale and even the musk ox. Besides that they like low temperatures, this group also likes good music!

In addition to showcasing animal species from the planet’s cold habitats, the book also encourages musicality and empathy, showing the importance of respecting and learning from differences.

Ice animals book

A journey to the bottom of the sea

The oceans are a mysterious environment, home to an immense diversity of animal species. in the children’s book Journey to the bottom of the seachildren will meet several: from the friendly dolphins to the scary sharks.

In the story, the main character dives into the City of Light, in the depths of the ocean, to help his new lanternfish friend. The child learns the importance of caring for others and expands his vocabulary about marine animals.

Book under the sea

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A prehistoric journey

Who would have never imagined what it would be like to meet a dinosaur up close? In the book A prehistoric journeyit is not only possible to meet these legendary animals, but also to save a lost egg from the dangers of the wild and return it to its mother dinosaur.

In this personalized story made especially for dinosaur lovers, children will meet different types of dinosaurs and have to use their knowledge to solve a big challenge.

Dinosaurs Trip

A journey through the savannah

Bee african savanna Many animals live here: the lion is the king of the jungle, the leopard is one of the fastest mammals in the world, the giraffe reaches the tops of trees and the rhinoceros can weigh tons.

In the book A journey through the savannah, the child comes into contact with these and other animals that live in this ecosystem and can understand their characteristics and way of life. The fantastic story presents a mystery that, in a playful way, encourages caring for the other and resisting external pressures, learning to appreciate what is unique in each individual.

Travel through savanna

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