9 Classic Children’s Books To Introduce To Kids

“There was once…” is the magical expression that opens the doors of the world of fantasy and takes us to the stories that traverse, move and enchant generations around the world. Those three words are the beginning of many classic children’s books, which you must have read as a child.

In the series of messages “Children’s books for the new generation”, we have selected the best stories to stimulate children’s reading habits and different types of learning. Below are our instructions for: classic books in a personalized version to pique the interest of the little ones even more.

The importance of reading in childhood

To understand why reading to children is so importantjust remember the books you read when you were a kid and you remember them with fondness and a touch of nostalgia to this day.

By stimulating contact with books from an early age, children can discover different worlds, stimulate their imagination and curiosity, encourage creativity and make new discoveries. All of this contributes to cognitive development, facilitating literacy and learning.

The habit of reading is also important for family life: it has already been proven that reading to children brings parents and children closer together and strengthens the affective bond between them.

Classic children’s book tips

Check out below the classic children’s books in a personalized version, which make the child the main character, to read and have fun with the family!

Sleeping Beauty

In the original story of Sleeping Beauty, young Aurora grows up surrounded by her fairy mothers Fauna, Flora and Primavera. Therefore, he loves nature and appreciates the simple things. After a spell, Aurora falls into a deep sleep and is awakened only by a kiss of true love.

in the custom book Fearless as AuroraInspired by the classic, Aurora will ride a horse through the forest and teach the child a valuable lesson about the importance of meeting the challenges of the road. A story that conveys values ​​and virtues of real princesses!

Sleeping Beauty book

the snow white

The Story of Snow White is one of the most famous classic children’s books in the world. Who doesn’t remember the princess who runs away from her stepmother and ends up meeting seven dwarfs full of personality who live in the middle of the forest? And after eating the poisoned apple, she is rescued by Prince Charming.

in the custom book Friendly as Snow Whitechildren will learn that friendships are also essential for a real princess, and discover new ways to show how much they love their friends.

Snow White Children's Book


Another unforgettable fairy tale is the story of Cinderella. The girl, forced to work by her stepmother, receives more than special help to participate in the dance of the kingdom. The fairy mother fulfills the girl’s dream by turning a pumpkin into a carriage and making a beautiful dress with glass slippers.

This classic story provides valuable learning for the little ones. in the children’s book Soft as Cinderellachildren will love to be part of the story and learn to help others with the example of their favorite princess.

Cinderella classic book

Little Red Riding Hood

The Story of Little Red Riding Hood is one of the classic children’s books, which tells the story of a girl who, at her mother’s request, brings a basket of food and treats to her grandmother who lives in the forest. With her red cape and basket of goodies, the girl meets the Big Bad Wolf on the way and falls into his trap. Fortunately, everyone is saved by the hunter!

In the modified version of Story of Little Red Riding Hood, the child will join the girl in an amazing adventure. Isn’t the wolf who we always thought he was?

Little Red Riding Hood Children's Book

The little crazy boy

Among the classic children’s books, we can not fail to mention the story of Menino Maluquinho, a character created by Ziraldo who wears a pot on his head and has countless adventures in the neighborhood.

Now your little one can be part of a story with this naughty boy and his friends! At the Crazy Boy Talent Showthe child will join this group to present the best show in the neighborhood.

The little crazy boy

The Three Little Pigs

In the original Three Little Pigs story, the brothers must build houses to protect themselves from the Big Bad Wolf. Each makes a different construction: the first uses straw to make his house, the second builds his house with some wood, and the third chooses to spend more time on the construction and makes his house with bricks. At the end of the story, the brothers discover together which of the three buildings is the strongest.

This story is a children’s classic that playfully teaches children about the importance of values ​​such as perseverance. in the custom book The Three Little Pigsyour little one will join the brothers to teach the Big Bad Wolf a lesson!

The Three Little Pigs

The little Prince

This book is a children’s classic that will delight people of all ages. The story of the little prince who travels the universe in search of a sheep and encounters different planets during his journey has different inspirational phrasesin addition to involving surprising facts about world history and its author, the French aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

In the modified version of The little Princethe child takes the place of the main character to have a unique contact with one of the most important works of literature, learn about the importance of empathy and caring for others.

Children's classic The Little Prince

Saci Perere

THE legend of Saci Pererê tells the story of a one-legged black boy who wears a red cap. He moves fast and jokes a lot wherever he goes. His antics include playing with horses’ manes, entering houses and turning off lights, and playing pranks on people. Despite being playful, Saci has a big heart and loves to make friends.

The classic children’s book The Story of Saci Pererê encourages the child’s contact with this legend and encourages empathy and respect for others in the face of physical differences. Besides being a fun way to get one of the main characters of the Brazilian folklore.

Legend of Saci Pererê

Monica’s gang

Who does not know the adventures of Mônica, Magali, Cebolinha, Cascão, Chico Bento and many other characters created by Mauricio de Sousa? They include generations of enchanting people of all ages in comics, books and even in the cinema.

At the personalized book from Monica’s Gangthe child goes to the Limoeiro neighborhood and meets different characters who live there, in a story that arouses their curiosity and encourages the taste for reading.

Monica's Gang Children's Book

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