The importance of grandparents for children’s emotional development

When we talk about grandparents, it’s hard not to remember advice full of wisdom, a fun afternoon full of stories, or those sweets we could eat before dinner. All these moments full of affection and love remind us how deeply living with grandparents marks our lives.

Second BIM data, in 2019 the average lifespan for men and women was 76.6 years. This shows that general life expectancy has risen in recent years, which is a gain for children, who will have more time with their grandfather and grandfather during their development phase. In addition, technology has enabled contact between grandchildren and grandparents who don’t live nearby, reducing homesickness and opening up new ways to keep families together.

The role of grandparents in children’s emotional development

The importance of grandparents for children’s emotional development

For the development of children, the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren brings several positives, starting with building good memories with the family. The storytelling moments, in which grandparents share unique and special stories for children, become an affective and meaningful memory for them.

Socio-emotional skills can also be better developed by living with grandparents, as they help grandchildren with advice and encouragement during moments of internal or external conflict. A study conducted by the Oxford Academy For nineteen years, children who lived longer with their grandparents were less likely to develop anxiety and depression in adulthood. The little ones who took part in the study developed an even greater capacity for empathy, respect and a higher level of creativity.

Another research by American professor and expert James Bates showed that for grandparents the relationship with grandchildren also brings benefits. Of the study participants, grandparents who cared for their grandchildren had a better quality of life and well-being, while grandparents who lived more with the children in the family were less likely to develop cognitive diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

See below for other ways grandparents play a role in children’s emotional development.

1 – Construction of identity

The relationship with the grandparents brings the knowledge of the family tree of which the child is a part. Within the identity construction process, the more information about their origins and the people who formed the family, the better it will be for the little ones. In this way, they will be able to see themselves as an important part of the legacy that family members have left, as well as begin to understand their role in the family continuation process based on a sense of belonging.

2 – Appreciating your own history

The relationship with grandparents is characterized by the moments when they share with their grandchildren the stories of their great-grandparents, great-grandparents and even their personal life experiences. These periods, which provide lots of laughter with the little ones, combined with the knowledge of their family tree, help the child appreciate the history of their family, in addition to encouraging the child protagonism of course in their own experience.

3 – Development of the imagination

By listening to the memories told by their grandparents, children learn more about their family roots and are also encouraged to imagine the real characters of these stories with their names and unique characteristics. This exercise allows children to build their own perception of the stories told, which aids the development of their imagination and creativity. See a great tip at the end of the post to make this experience even richer and more memorable.

4 – Empathy and respect for other generations

THE alpha generation it is characterized by coexistence with technology, which makes children get used to the facilities it offers and forget about life far from virtual connections. In this sense, living with grandparents makes it possible for the little ones to interact with very different generations, encouraging empathy and respect for those who knew the world before them.

5 – Repertory Formation

Living together between grandparents and grandchildren is full of games, stories and various lessons, such as that secret recipe shared only between the two or even the special journey they always go on together. All these moments are captured by the child in an affective way and within their development process they help construct their worldview and expand their repertoire through shared memories.

6 – Reading habit

The fact that Reading is important for child developmentmany know. But did you know that grandparents can help make little ones even more interested in books? Storytelling marks the relationship with grandparents, as part of one of the children’s favorite moments. This exercise with the grandchildren will give the little ones fond memories when it comes to reading. In this way, children are encouraged to positively associate contact with books when they live with their grandparents.

How can parents encourage the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren?

Knowing how important grandparents are to children’s emotional development, what is the best way to encourage this coexistence between them? The contact with the grandparents is usually mediated by the parents and the psychologist Rita Calegari explains in a interviewThe child cannot think that every day is a holiday just because he is with his grandparents. She will have to follow some rules so as not to endanger her physical and mental health.”

In this way, parents and guardians should maintain a constant dialogue with grandparents, establishing some principles of limit and trust, in addition to keeping them informed of the children’s development process. With this, the contact of grandparents with their grandchildren will bring benefits for the little ones, the little ones and also for the whole family.

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