9 Jokes for the Funniest Mother’s Day Ever!

Mother’s Day is a very special date. On that day, we commemorate different stages of the journey between mother and son with great gratitude and love. Learning and experiencing together are after all unforgettable momentsboth for children and for moms!

Then you will discover the benefits of quality time between mothers and children, and see tips for activities and creative games to do at home and make Mother’s Day an even more meaningful and memorable date!

The importance of moments between mother and children

Quality time between mother and child is essential to strengthen affective bonds, in addition to aiding the child’s emotional development. This period together shouldn’t be an obligation, but it can’t just happen in the small time gaps of everyday life. So how do you find out what it is and how to guarantee it? quality time with the children in a practical way in the routine?

There is no exact recipe, but creating moments of connection away from screens and the hustle and bustle of everyday life can help a lot. And Mother’s Day is a great opportunity for that, isn’t it?

Toys for Mother’s Day

With that in mind, we’ve set aside 9 games for Mother’s Day that families can do at home. So moms will have a lot of fun with the little ones on that date. Checking out!

1. Treasure Hunt

We need the help of daddy or another adult to help the kid in this game. The idea is to hide the mother’s gift in a secret place and give clues so she can find it. Add affectionate messages to the tips leading to the present to make the scavenger hunt an even more enjoyable time.

2. Personalized card

Personalized Mother’s Day Card

There’s nothing more special than giving Mom a card made exclusively for her, right? The child can create this for this free personalized card to write a special message to mom, and also decorate it with her with glitter and sequins. It will be a memory to cherish!

3. Popcorn Session

Besides Mother’s Day games, how about enjoying a movie at home? Watching mommy’s favorite movies is a good choice to make her happy on this special day. Besides having fun with the characters on the screen, you also get together. And of course the popcorn should not be missing!

4. Culinary Challenge

All mothers have a favorite food. Separating this date to prepare this dish with her can be a learning moment full of love. Does your mother like that famous one? carrotcake or rather a very tasty pizza?? Whatever the recipe, you can make it together.

Here it is worth turning the occasion into a culinary challenge and inviting the other family members to guess the author of the meal.

5. Coloring Character Designs Moms Like

Some movies and cartoon characters have marked the lives of many mothers. So printing coloring pages for these characters can be a really fun and nostalgic Mother’s Day game!

For Hello Kitty moms we have original drawings to paint this super cute character!

6. Reading together

Personalized book starring mother and son

The reading moment between mother and child is very important, but also full of affection. To celebrate this occasion and make it even more special, nothing better than a personalized book that tells of the love between mother and child! in the custom book i love my mother very much, from Inside History, it’s time for moms to be a part of history and become a character along with their little ones. Visit the website to customize the book and receive this great Mother’s Day gift at home!

7. Make slime

If making slime is already one of the kids’ favorite games, can you imagine making your own slime with mommy? It’s doubly enjoyable! You can make slime in different colors, with glitter, transparent, crunchy and even neon. In this post we show how do you make slime At home!

8. Relax as a family

Both the child and its mother go through moments of anxiety and irritation in their daily lives, so developing ways to calm down is essential in the routine. One way to calm down in complicated situations is to use the calm pot, which is not only useful but also beautiful! To make the quiet pot together with mom, take a look at this step-by-step.

9. Sleepover

Mother and daughter have a pajama party on Mother's Day
Slumber party: Cozy at home on Mother’s Day

Finally, a very nice alternative for this Mother’s Day at home is a super pajama party! The nice thing is that by choosing this option, you can party together all day and add other activities to the schedule, such as the popcorn session, the reading time, the cooking challenge and many other games for the most unforgettable Mother’s Day of them all.

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