Inside History participates in the 1st Virtual Book Biennale of São Paulo

The virtual edition of the largest literary event in Latin America has attractions for children and Dentro da História is present along with Monica’s Gang.

THE 1st Virtual Book Biennial of São Paulo will take place between December 7 and 13, for the first time in digital format. If, on the one hand, this year’s event will not have the presence of children exploring the vast corridors and discovering an infinite universe of books, on the other hand, children, families and teachers will have access to various educational and entertainment content for free through the online portal. .

Inside History, which was born at the 2016 Book Biennale and has participated in all events since then, could not be missed. This year it is part of the Virtual Store of the space aimed at children, called Monica’s Gang Connection.

Then check out more details about the online event and how to enjoy the schedule at home with the little ones!

Virtual Biennale: Connecting people and books

With the theme of “Connecting People and Books”, the largest literary event in Latin America takes place this time through the portal, which gives free access to all programs and news from the publishing world. With more than 100 exhibitors and 330 confirmed authors, the event will feature an intense program schedule in addition to the traditional book sale.

For the first time, people from all over Brazil and the world can participate in this great party, learn the news and enjoy the lectures. The organization of the Virtual Biennale expects to receive more than 1 million online visitors, and in the 2018 edition, the event had an audience of 663 thousand people.

Another advantage is that the audience in the virtual environment can watch all the lectures for longer. The portal is live until January 13th and there is no need to register to watch the debates and visit the exhibitor rooms.

Children at the Virtual Biennale: Turma da Mônica Connection

Monica's Gang at the Virtual Biennale
Children’s Space at the Virtual Biennale: Mônica’s Turma Connection

The gang of Mauricio de Sousa is the great host of the virtual environment dedicated to the children’s audience of the event. on the portal Monica’s Gang Connectionwill feature the Bienal cartoon marathons, series of the classic Monica’s Gang and Monica Toy, lectures for parents and educators, and storytelling lives.

Personalized Book of Inside History and Monica's Gang

The virtual store brings together the most important publications indicated to encourage a passion for reading from a very early age. Among the stories, the personalized book from Monica’s Gangthe first edition of which was launched at the 2016 Book Biennale and remains one of the bestsellers of the work of Mauricio de Sousa.

In addition to the designations of children’s books, there are also links to access various apps from Monica’s Gang. As Color studio, it is possible to paint original drawings of the beeps on the mobile phone. already in the app Monica’s gangFamilies can watch from classic cartoons to the latest releases from Monica and her gang.

Did you know? Inside History was born in a biennial…

Inside History at the Virtual Biennale

Inside History, the largest personalized book platform in Brazil, was launched at the São Paulo Book Biennale in August 2016. In that year, 17,000 personalizations of Turma da Mônica books were made. Everything happened there: from creating the children’s character to immediately printing the book in the booth. Truly a magical experience!

Since then, Dentro da História has also been present at the 2018 Biennale, with the Fantastic dream factory, again in collaboration with Mauricio de Sousa Produções. In the two previous events, the startup offered visiting families a unique experience, to see the magic of books up close.

This year, although it may not be possible to be that close, the most important thing is to continue sowing the seeds of reading and spreading dreams, fun and learning through the Virtual Biennale.

To find out how personalized books help with this quest, visit Inside History website and take the opportunity to make one now! After all, there is still time to receive the Christmas stories at home and gift the little ones you love.

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