Inside Story Podcast Takes Kids On Sonic Adventures

Through sound and imagination, kids can experience adventures without leaving home with the Inside Story Podcast.

The term “podcast” came into existence in 2004 to describe the new type of audio content that could be listened to anytime on the Internet. The format became so popular that today the Brazil is the second most used podcast country in the world.

Children were not left out of this wave, but content aimed at children is still not as plentiful in Brazil as it is in the United States, where it has already won families as a screen free entertainment alternative for the little ones.

Last year we published an article with tips for Brazilian Kids Podcasts, to stimulate the discovery of this rich universe of sound experiences. Now, in 2021, Dentro da História has just launched its original podcast, which promises to entertain and stimulate the kids in a unique way!

At the Inside History Podcast, children travel through the imagination and experience great adventures through sound. The stories transform the listener into a character and make them feel really in the fantastic universe. In addition, the content is interactive and encourages the child to answer questions, make gestures and sounds, making the experience even more fun and educational.

Then, learn more about the benefits of this type of audio content for kids and learn how to explore the Inside Story Podcast with the little ones.

Benefits of Podcasts for Kids

Podcasts are an alternative to reduce children’s exposure to screens

There are several reasons why podcasts are considered a great form of entertainment and even learning for children. A Search conducted by the American organization Kids Listen, in 2018, showed that versatility is one of the main advantages. Most children usually listen at home, on a trip or in the car every day. They can entertain themselves, listen with family or even at school.

Additionally, 70% of respondents said they watch podcasts as an engaging alternative to Reduce children’s screen time. Because it is based only on sound, it is a type of content that does not overload the vision and stimulates other senses, developing the imagination and creativity.

It seems that children are even better listeners than adults: 80% of them tend to listen to podcast episodes more than once! And they learn a lot from it: 74% start a conversation about the podcast topic after listening to an episode. They also often quote or role-play, share what they have learned, and ask to do activities inspired by their favorite shows.

Inside History Podcast: Traveling Through Sound and Imagination

According to the Kids Listen survey, narrative podcasts are a favorite of children. Captivating narration and sound effects keep the little ones entertained and moms and dads get some free time for their chores.

O Inside History Podcast was created to encourage children not only to listen, but also to experience stories through sound and imagination. That’s because the biggest difference of the format is that: the child becomes the main character of adventures.

The new children’s podcast is not only fascinating, but also interactive. On hearing a beep, the child can finish the story, show what he has learned and use creativity in games at the end of the adventures.

The first five episodes have themes related to animals and the environment in which they live. Kids meet animals from the ice, the savanna, the rainforest, the deep sea and even dinosaurs!

Go to the podcast at SpotifyBee Apple Podcasts or listen for free on other platforms.

From personalized books to the sound experience

The podcast is inspired by the platform’s original children’s books. in historywhere children can be part of literary adventures and become characters in personalized books.

Custom Book Collection “Amazing Animals” That Inspired The Podcast

The interactivity and main character encouraged in the books have been adapted to the sound format, to provide even richer learning experiences and family fun.

Anyone who likes the podcast and is interested in the book version of the stories can adjust them on the website and have them printed at home. A unique way to encourage reading!

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