The importance of working on empathy inside and outside the classroom

Empathy is one of the socio-emotional skills of 21st century education that children and young people must develop in order to excel in the future.

Empathy is nothing more than the ability to perceive, feel, connect with the other. It is understanding what the other is feeling. But why should empathy be practiced inside and outside the classroom?

Bee soft skillsor “human social skills” will become increasingly valuable, skills such as empathy, teamwork, context awareness, collaboration and creative thinking will be differentials for those who want to distinguish themselves in, for example, the labor market.

With technology, it’s normal for things to change all the time. We are changing the way we consume, produce, learn and most importantly, how we interact with each other. And one of the ways to bring people even closer together is the development of social-emotional skills.

In this way it is up to the school to show empathy, let children and young people create a sense of responsibility and play a leading role in changing the world. However, caring for the other person is not always a priority, in this case it is worth being alert as the lack of empathy can be associated with problems such as bullyingintolerance, prejudice and violence.

So it is important that students of all ages have the opportunity to develop empathic attitudes, so that a more mature, intelligent and connected society is possible.

How to cultivate empathy in school?

Children and young people are spending more and more time on virtual games and social media, making them more involved Technical skills and sometimes putting social skills aside. Skills such as empathy and cooperation should be strengthened in everyday life and in the school environment.

In Early Childhood Education, by working on empathy in the classroom, we have been able to positively influence children in their first contacts with society, by teaching these pupils the importance of looking at the other and having a greater understanding of the possibilities. given to each person. .

A good first activity is to practice talking about the feelings of each of the students in the class. Emphasizing the importance of feelings, whether they are good or bad, and increasing the perception that people feel different things in the same situation. In this way, children will create a bond between themselves and with the teachers, making it easier to identify problems and resolve potential disorders.

Some playful activities are also essential for this development to take place from an early age, one of which is storytelling with characters, often animals, who go through some obstacles during their travels.

Education is a mixed process involving the school, the family and the community as a whole. In this way, the teaching of empathy should also be developed and cultivated at home. Parents and managers should be united, guide children and young people to deal with their emotions, help to understand their needs and perspectives, as well as those of the other.

Even living in a competitive society, where sensitivity is disregarded, it is noticeable that empathy is able to make children and young people more understanding and happy, which is reflected in their development and school performance. Empathy must be taken seriously inside and outside the school, and the educator must also put themselves in the shoes of the learner so that they can build quality education together.

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