Prepaid Debit Cards – 6 Best Options To Consider

If you’re looking for an efficient alternative to full-service debit cards, check out prepaid options. You can quickly deposit some cash onto these cards regularly and use them instead of drawing funds from your savings account. Prepaid cards are a great way of spending money offline and online without worrying about overspending. With some research, you can check your eligibility and generate a list of the right cards, like the ones discussed herein:

Prepaid Debit Cards – 6 Best Options to Consider

Bluebird® American Express® Prepaid Debit

While finding one card that could meet everyone’s needs is quite challenging, the Bluebird by American Express is close up there. It is an improvement on the American Express Serve® cards. Here, you do not have to pay any monthly charges. Cardholders are privy to various benefits that people with a traditional debit card can access. You can link your card to a savings account and even consider writing paper cheques if needed.

The Bluebird prepaid debit card by American Express is compatible with several retail stores. But, even the almost completely free card might not make your cut since Amex Cards aren’t accepted everywhere you go. If the card is purchased at a retail outlet, you might be liable to pay up to $5; however, an online purchase doesn’t cost a penny. With fewer fees than most other prepaid debit cards, the Bluebird is a great choice if you are budgeting hard.

FamZoo Prepaid Card

With everything moving online, it is time to teach kids to learn the value of digital currency. The FamZoo Prepaid card is a great way to start this journey. FamZoo’s app and website are well-designed to allow the management of multiple cards at once. Kids can access their spending and savings patterns with the help of infographics available on the platform.

Parents can check their children’s card balances, recharge them, or send allowances to each kid. FamZoo Prepaid cards can be reloaded through direct deposits, bank transfers, digital wallet transfers, and more. However, if the deposit is being done through a partner retailer, it will come with an additional cost. The FamZoo Prepaid Card can be availed for around $5.99 every month.

Serve® American Express® Free Reloads

Many reasons explain why the American Express SERVE® Free Reloads prepaid debit card is a top choice. Among those reasons is the ability to reload money onto the card for free. Neither business retailers nor customers are charged for bank transfers or direct deposits. However, users are bound to pay a monthly service fee of around $6.95. Customers can also take advantage of their services and create free sub-accounts for their family members. If a tight budget eliminates the American Express SERVE® Free Reload card because of its monthly fee, you might want to consider the American Express Bluebird card.

MOVO Digital CASH card®

A commendable and economical choice, the Movo Digital CASH card® is a top choice for debit cards. Among the significant benefits of this card is one where you can use it at any MasterCard-compatible ATM. In addition to that, the Movo mobile app allows you card management options along with easy card access. Customers can even transfer money through online wallets or direct deposits. While you are not liable to pay any fixed price for your Movo card, inactivity for the card might cost you some cash. The Movo Digital CASH card® protects against fraudulent activities and keeps your main account safe.

Starbucks® Rewards Visa® Card

With the Starbucks Rewards Visa Prepaid Card, you can enjoy recharging your card for up to $10,000. You can make purchases anywhere that accepts Visa cards and not just at Starbucks outlets. Users who are avid coffee chain customers can have their Visa prepaid debit cards linked with their Starbucks rewards account for additional benefits and gifts. In addition to enjoying benefits on regular drinks, users are free from paying any activation charges and/or monthly fees. But, the downside of this high-balance Visa debit card is that it cannot be used in any ATM. Another downside of this card is that you will be charged an extra 3% fee if you use it anywhere outside the country. If you are a frequent traveler, this might not be the right choice for you for the person you are looking to gift this card to.

Netspend Visa® Prepaid Card

Another great no-fee prepaid debit card choice is the Netspend® Visa® prepaid card. Users who opt for this card do not have to worry about any limitations and fees. The card does not have a minimum balance requirement, activation fees, overdraft fees, and/or credit checks. You can load the card with the balance through cheques or direct deposit. And since the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation insures the card, you can securely use it for purchases without using the debit card number generator for safety. If in case you lose the card, Netspend® Visa® prepaid debit cards are among the easiest ones to replace, so gifting them to your loved ones is not a problem.

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